FSD 20-11 Membership on Awards Committees

December 4, 2020

Faculty Senate Document 20-11:   Membership on Awards Committees


Committee:  Nominating Committee

Submission Date: December 11, 2020

For Discussion:  December 11, 2020

Whereas: The Senate is charged with creating policy and procedures concerning the Outstanding Faculty Awards given out each year on Founder’s Day, and

Whereas: The awardees are typically chosen by one committee for each award, those being for excellence in Engagement, Scholarship, and Teaching, and

Whereas: The Senate has not previously created policy regarding the population of the awards committees,

Be it Resolved: Effective with the 2021-22 academic year, each award committee shall consist of five members.  The Chair of each committee shall be the previous year’s winner.  There shall be at least one member from each College.  If there are five colleges, the Chair shall be the member from their college.  If there are four colleges, there shall be one member from each college in addition to the Chair.  In all cases, the faculty of each college shall decide on a method for choosing a member (if necessary) for each award committee.  Members of the committee must not be candidates for the award granted by their committee, and they must not nominate candidates for the award granted by their committee.


Ali Alavizadeh

Tony Elmendorf (Chair)

Amlan Mitra