FSD 20-12 Revision of FSD 17-30 (Revised) Senate Budget Priorities

December 7, 2020

Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Document 20-12 (Revision of FSD 17-30-revised)

Submission Date: 12/11/20 (Executive Committee)

Discussion  Date:  12/11/20

Whereas: The Provost has provided funds for a Senate budget, and

Whereas: It is in the best interests of the Senate to expend these funds in as orderly and transparent a manner as possible, the Senate hereby establishes the following priorities for managing its budget.

The following personnel shall be granted a ¼ FTE release from Senate funds as Senate funds are available, in the listed priority:

  1. The Senate Chair
  2. The Chair of the Grade Appeals/Academic Integrity Committee
  3. The Chair of the Curriculum Committee
  4. The Secretary of the Senate
  5. The Chair of the General Education and Assessment Committee
  6. The University Senate/IFC representative, if funds are not available elsewhere.
  7. The Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee.
  8. The Senate Vice-Chair

The positions listed above for ¼ release must be designated in a timely manner such that academic units can schedule faculty accordingly.

If a Department Chair is unable to grant a release funded by the Senate, the funds shall be awarded directly to the faculty member to whom the release would have gone.

No expenditure of funds shall take place without the approval of the Executive Committee, and all expenditures shall be accounted for to the full Senate.

In addition, the executive committee shall conduct an annual review of the appropriateness of the releases in the fall semester, which may include submission of documentation to support the release time.


  1. Pelter
  2. Scipes
  3. Farook
  4. Pratt
  5. DeLeon
  6. Elmendorf
  7. Pelter

Disapproved: None

Absent:  L. Artz