FSD 20-13 Bylaw (III. C. 5.4. ) Revision: Budget and Resources Subordinate Committee

December 8, 2020


Faculty Senate Document 20-13 Revision of the bylaws (III.C.5.4) Senate Budget and Resources Subordinate Committee

Committee:  Executive Committee

For Discussion:  December 11, 2020


Whereas: The Senate is charged with creating policy and procedures, and

Whereas:  The budget and resources of the University directly impact all faculty, and

Whereas:  The current structure in which the senate budget committee is a subordinate committee of Faculty Affairs places an unnecessary layer of reporting that hinders the smooth flow of information to the executive committee, and therefore to the Senate, and

Whereas: Communication of budget issues will be clearer by making the Budget and Resources Committee subordinate to the Executive Committee, and

Whereas: The Bylaws specifically state (III.C.5.4, second instance) that the Budget and Resources Committee is subordinate to the Faculty Affairs Committee,

Be it Resolved:  The Purdue Northwest Faculty Senate bylaws shall be amended by moving the current III.C.5.4, second instance, to under III.C.4, first instance, Executive Committee, and amending its functions, number 4, replacing “Faculty Affairs Committee” with “Executive Committee.”


L. Pelter

K. Scipes

O. Farook

D. Pratt

C. DeLeon

A. Elmendorf

M. Pelter

Disapproved: None

Absent:  L. Artz