FSD 20-22 Resolution on Proposals for PNW Academic Reorganizational Changes

March 29, 2021

FSD 20-22 Resolution on a Proposal for Assessment of Academic Reorganizational Changes


Resolution on Proposals for PNW Academic Reorganizational Changes

Committee: Educational Policy

For Discussion: April 9, 2021

Whereas: The Purdue University Northwest Senate has recently considered multiple proposals for reorganization of academic colleges, departments, and units; and

Whereas: The Senate anticipates that there will be future proposals for academic reorganization; and

Whereas:  Proposals for PNW academic reorganization and procedural change typically incur various significant benefits and costs to academic departments, faculty, and students;

Whereas: The proposal was referred to the Educational Policy Committee (EPC), and the EPC was tasked with making recommendations to the Senate about this issue,

Be it resolved: The EPC recommends that PNW academic reorganization should be driven by a mutual effort with all involved parties to maximize the benefits of proposed changes.  These deliberations should consider the purpose and the overall value of such changes for PNW in general as well as the impact on faculty, students, and staff.  Parties that are influenced by the proposed change should have the opportunity to provide input, present alternatives, and participate in the discussion.

Be it further resolved: at a minimum the EPC committee should receive clearly delineated and detailed cost/benefit analyses with all assumptions clearly identified for the proposed reorganizational change and the results of anonymous faculty surveys performed by the unit’s representative faculty body or representatives from EPC before consideration. The initial reorganization proposal, any significant changes to that proposal, and the final proposal as well as any supporting documents should be made available to the faculty involved before they are surveyed. The results of the anonymous survey should be shared with all interested parties.


Committee Members:

Cheryl W. DeLeón (Chair)

Ralph Cherry

Anne Edwards

Robert Kramer

Maureen Mascha

Shoji Nakayama

Diane Spoljoric

Shuhui (Grace) Yang


Ed Policy Members Voting in favor of this resolution: 8


Ed Policy Members Voting against this resolution: 0