Proposed Curriculog Changes

April 2, 2021

For Information

Faculty Senate

Proposed Changes to Curriculog

Senate Curriculum Committee

Submission date: April 9, 2021.

Remove “Date Reviewed by…” fields

These are tracked and recorded in the Curriculog system

Remove Library questions

Library is not involved in curriculum process and proposals check regularly check NO

Replace Program Revision requirement to import Catalog information

Program template includes courses, requirements, concentrations, plan of study

Remove Form 40

All information appears in proposed list of checkboxes

Include checkbox on Changes Requested with the following:

  • Course attributes
  • Course description
  • Course fees
  • Course number
  • Course title
  • Credit hours
  • Cross-listed/Equivalent course
  • Grade mode
  • Learning outcomes
  • Offer existing course from another campus
  • Prerequisite or Corequisite
  • Course repeatable status
  • Restrictions
  • Schedule type
  • Required by accrediting agency

Include checkbox indicating if new or changed course is:

  • Elective
  • Required
  • Replacement for another course in program/major

Include textbox for new course/minor/concentration/program explaining student need/interest

Include textbox explaining consultation with other affected department(s)


Approved by Curriculum Committee 3/12/2021

Lee Artz, Chair

Chien-Chung Chen, Joan Dorman, Jean Jiang, Michael Roller, Pitparnee Stompor, LaVada Taylor,