FSD 21-04 Membership on Senate Standing Committees for 2021-22

September 9, 2021


Membership on Senate standing committees for 2021-22

Submission Date: August 27, 2021

Faculty Senate Document 21-xx

Nominating Committee

For Action

The Nominations, Elections, and Awards Committee recommends the following membership of faculty senators on the standing committees for 2021-22.  Membership requirements for each committee are listed with the committee name.  Member names are given with their college and year of Senate term expiration.  The Nominating Committee has attempted to respect the results  of the preference survey of the new and newly re-elected senators, but were constrained by the requirements for committee membership given in the Bylaws.

Student Affairs: at least five faculty senators

Tantatape Brahmasrene (’22) (COB)

Magesh Chandramouli (’23) (Tech)

Mohammed Errihani (’24) (CHESS)

Kenny Kincaid (Chair) (’23) (CHESS)

Rob Merkovsky (’23) (CES)

Michael Mick (’22) (COB)

Sheila Rezak (’23) (Library)

Michelle Spaulding (’24) (CES)

Yueqi Zhang, (’23) (CHESS)


Ed Policy: at least five, and an odd number.

Ralph Cherry (’22) (CHESS)

Anne Edwards (Chair) (’23) (CHESS)

Bob Kramer (’23) (CES)

Maureen Mascha (’23) (COB)

Shoji Nakayama (’22) (Tech)

Diane Spoljoric (’23) (Nursing)

Shengyong Zhang (’23) (CES)


Curriculum: at least five, an odd number, and representation from each college.

Lee Artz (Chair) (’22) (CHESS)

Matthew Bauman (’24) (COB)

Niranjan Desai (’24) (CES)

Joan Dorman (’24) (Nursing)

Michael Roller (’22) (Tech)


Gen Ed and Assessment: seven members, “ideally” with representation from each college.

Khair Al-Shamaileh (’22) (CES)

Renee Conroy (’24) (CHESS)

Maria Garcia-Verdugo (’22) (CHESS)

David Kozel (’22) (CES)

David Pratt (Chair) (’23) (CHESS)

Julia Rogers (’22) (Nursing)

Sham Tickoo (’23) (Tech)


Nominating: at least three, and an odd number

Minoo Ashoori (’24) (COB)

Tony Elmendorf (Chair) (’22) (CES)

Meden Isaac-Lam (’24) (CES)


Faculty Affairs: at least five, an odd number, and representation from each college

Jai P Agrawal (’24) (Tech)

Omer Farook (’22) (Tech)

Meghan McGonigal-Kenney (’24) (Nursing)

Colette Morrow (’23) (CHESS)

Neeti Parashar (’22) (CES)

Vanessa Quinn (’22) (CES)

Geoff Schultz (Chair) (’22) (CHESS)

Tony Sindone (’24) (COB)

John Spores (’24) (CHESS)



Ali Alavizadeh (Chair)

Tony Elmendorf

Amlan Mitra