FSD 21-06 Vaccine Mandate [REVISED]

November 12, 2021


Resolution on Vaccine Mandates

Submission Date: November 12, 2021                                                     Faculty Senate Document 21-06

Executive Committee

For Discussion

Whereas: the World Health Organization and the US Center for Disease Control recommend vaccinations as the primary means to stem the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic;

Whereas: the FDA has approved several vaccinations against COVID-19 that have been shown to limit the spread and adverse effects of the disease;

Whereas: research has repeatedly shown that available vaccines work with limited side effects, while effectively preventing severe illness, hospitalization, and death;

Whereas: Indiana University has mandated vaccinations for all students, faculty, and staff visiting campus and the lowest infection rates in the State of Indiana have been in Monroe County, the home of Indiana University-Bloomington;

Whereas: the Indiana University vaccine mandate has been upheld by Federal Court, Federal Appeals Court, and the Supreme Court;

Whereas: a federal mandate requiring any company with more than 100 employees implement vaccination requirements for their employees begins in January 2022;

Whereas: Purdue University Northwest should join with other universities in valuing student, staff, and faculty health and safety by implementing a vaccine requirement for campus; therefore,

Be it resolved: that PNW’s Faculty Senate requests that Purdue University Northwest adopt a stand modelled after IU’s Prevent the Spread mandate program requiring students and employees to receive the vaccinations per CDC guidelines (or obtain an approved exemption) before the first day of Spring 2022 classes.


Lee Artz

Anne Edwards

Anthony Elmendorf

Kenneth Kincaid

David Pratt

Tom Roach

Kim Scipes (Chair)