FSD 21-10 PNW Excused Absence Policy

April 5, 2022

FSD 21-10

Whereas, Purdue University does not have an Excused Absence Policy; and,

Whereas, an Excused Absence Policy provides accepted guidelines approved by Faculty Senate, for faculty and students regarding missed classes; and,

Whereas, PNW has a significant percentage of its student body that are involved in extracurricular activities that provide opportunities for the students and that put a spotlight on PNW; and,

Whereas, extracurricular activities play an important role in university student retention; and,

Whereas, PNW’s Dean of Students has developed an Excused Absence Policy as part of PNW’s return to campus during Covid times;

Whereas, it is important that students and their program’s representatives inform the faculty member of the class in question be notified at the beginning of the semester OR no less than two weeks before a scheduled absence.

Be it Resolved that

PNW adopt the following Excused Absence Policy and template:




Date of letter


Dear PNW Instructor,


This notice is to inform you that ____________________________________ (name of student)
is a member of or a participant in __________________________________(organization/event)
and may be required to be absent from ______________ to ______________ (dates).
If additional dates are to be considered, please include a schedule.


We ask that you consider excusing absences during this period, and permit the student to make up any missed work or assessments.


As a reminder, faculty are under no obligation to excuse absences or allow students to make up work, except as required by Federal law or Purdue policy on military service, grief absence and Title IX provisions.  However, we believe strongly that offering some consideration for students who are unable to attend class contributes significantly to student retention and persistence. Your understanding and cooperation would be greatly appreciated.







Name and signature of PNW representative for program requesting absence.

Program requesting the excused absence: