FSD 21-11 Resolution on Incomplete Policy

April 5, 2022

FSD 21-11: Resolution on changes to the Incomplete Policy


Resolution on Changes to the Incomplete Policy Committee: Educational Policy

For Action:

Whereas: The current policy concerning incompletes is “the student must achieve a permanent grade in the course no later than the 12th week of the second subsequent semester of enrollment, or the incomplete will revert to a failing grade.”

Whereas: It is difficult for students and instructors to keep track of the time a student has to complete work in a course for which they have been assigned an incomplete.  The possibility of confusion increases because dates change if the student is not enrolled continuously after the incomplete was given.

Whereas: Purdue West Lafayette has changed their incomplete policy so that “The student must achieve a permanent grade in the course no later than one year after the incomplete is given.”

Whereas: Purdue Fort Wayne has also changed their policy to read, “As for incompletes, the time limit allowed for completion of the course, shall not exceed one calendar year. After one year, if the Registrar’s Office has not received a grade change (Form 350) we change the grade to IF, IN, or IU for regular, pass/no pass, or satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade modes, respectively unless the student graduates or removes the incomplete within the time allowed.”

Whereas:  Purdue system wide policy does not allow for changing an incomplete grade to W or a W to an incomplete grade.

Whereas:  The policy concerning eligibility for an incomplete is:

“1. The student’s work was interrupted by unavoidable absence or other causes beyond a student’s control.


  1. The student is passing the course at the time it was interrupted.


  1. The completion of the course does not require the student to repeat the class.


  1. The incomplete grade is not to be used as a substitute for a failing grade”


Be It Resolved:  The Educational Policy Committee of the PNW Faculty Senate recommends that the Faculty Senate approve this resolution to approve the following  incomplete policy:  “The student must achieve a permanent grade in the course no later than one calendar year after the incomplete is given, or the incomplete will revert to a failing grade.  A student will not be permitted to enroll in a future semester for a course in which they have a current I, PI, or SI grade.”


Committee Members:

Anne Edwards (Chair)

Ralph Cherry

Robert Kramer

Maureen Mascha

Shoji Nakayama

Diane Spoljoric

Shengyong Zhang


Ed Policy Members Voting in favor of this resolution: 7

Ed Policy Members Voting against this resolution: 0