FSD 21-12 Courses Slated for Removal GEN ED

April 5, 2022

FSD 21-12 General Education Course List Update Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate

Submission Date: April 2022

Presented for Information:  April 8, 2022

Senate Action and Date: May 6, 2022


The purpose of this document is to remove the designation of courses that no longer meet the General Education requirements. The Gen Ed and Assessment Committee over the course of the last two years have received requests from faculty and administration regarding 33 courses that are NO LONGER considered for Gen Ed.  The following courses are marked for deletion from General Education (note- these will NOT remove courses from the catalog).  The column to the right lists the courses that still qualify under each category.

Slated for Deletion from GEN ED  Current Courses Remaining GEN ED eligible
Speech Communication
No Changes proposed COM 11400 – Fundamentals Of Speech Communication
Quantitative Reasoning
BUSM 10500Quantitative Methods For Business

ECON 25200Macroeconomics

ENGR 18900C++ Language Programming For

Engineering and Technology Applications

IET 35200Operations Management

MA 16900Plane Analytical Geometry And Calculus II

MET 16200Computational Analysis Tools In MET

MET 29900Mechanical Engineering Technology

PSY 20100Introduction To Statistics In Psychology


BIA 22500Fundamental Managerial Statistics

ECON 25100Microeconomics

MA 12301Mathematical Ideas

MA 13700Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I

MA 14700Algebra and Trigonometry for Technology

MA 15300College Algebra

MA 15400Trigonometry

MA 15900Precalculus

MA 15910Introduction to Calculus

MA 16031Calculus I For Life Sciences

MA 16100Plane Analytic Geometry and Calculus I

MA 16300Integrated Calculus Analysis Geometry I

SOC 38200Introduction to Statistics in Sociology

STAT 11300Statistics and Society

STAT 13000Statistics and Contemporary Life

STAT 30100Elementary Statistical Methods

STAT 31000Health Care Statistics

BCM 10001Introduction to Construction

COM 26100Introduction To Digital Video Production

ECET 15900Digital Applications

ECON 21100Contemporary Economic Problems

EDCI 12000Technology In Society: Online

Communication And Publishing

EDCI 13000Technology In Society: Digital Media And Learning

EDCI 26000Introduction To Computers In Education

EDCI 27000Introduction To Educational Technology

And Computing

IET 10400Industrial Organization

IET 35200Operations Management

ITS 20000Ethical And Legal Issues IT

MET 14100Materials I

MET 29900Mechanical Engineering Technology


BIA 10200Computer Utilization for Management

BIA 21100Introduction to Business Information Analytics

CEMT 11700Construction Graphics

CGT 10100Introduction to Computer Graphics Technology

CGT 14100Internet Foundations Technologies And Development

CIS 16600Introduction To Programming

CIS 20400Introduction To ComputerBased Systems

CIS 30400Advanced Computer Utilization

COM 25000Mass Communication And Society

CPET 29900Selected Computer Engineering Technology Subject

CS 12300Programming I: Java

MA 20600Computer Algebra And Programming

ECET 10900Digital Fundamentals

ECET 20901Introduction To Microcontrollers

ECON 25200Macroeconomics

EDCI 32300Educational Technology For Teaching And Learning

ENGR 15100Software Tools For Engineers

FIN 24000Personal Financial Management

HST 35300Health Care Informatics

ITS 10000Information Technology Fundamentals

ITS 11000Web Systems Technology

MET 10000Production Drawing And ComputerAided Design

NUR 35300Health Care Informatics

NUR 45100Nursing Informatics


Social Sciences
COM 21200Approaches to The Study Of Interpersonal ANTH 10000Being Human: Introduction to Anthropology

Communication ANTH 10500Cultural Anthropology

COM 32000Small Group Communication BUSM 38000International Business

COM 32400Introduction to Organizational COM 20400Critical Perspectives on Communication

Communication COM 25000Mass Communication and Society

EDFA 20000History and Philosophy of Education COM 34900Media and Culture

PSY 24000Introduction to Social Psychology ECON 10100Survey Of Economics

ECON 21000- Principles of Economics (NEW Fall 22)

 ECON 25100- Microeconomics (NEW FALL 22)

ECON 25200- Macroeconomics (NEW FALL 22)

FIN 24000Personal Financial Management

HDFS 21000Introduction to Human Development

OLS 13100Introduction to Safety and Health Management

OLS 25200Human Relations in Organizations

POL 10100American Government and Politics

POL 13000Introduction to International Relations

POL 14100Governments of The World

PSY 12000Elementary Psychology

PSY 34400Human Sexuality

SOC 10000Introductory Sociology

SOC 22000Social Problems

COM 24000Introduction to Oral Interpretation

THTR 30800The History and Development Of The

American Musical Theatre

AD 25500Art Appreciation

BUSM 10100Introduction To Business

OR GBG12700 Development of Business in the United States

ENGL 20100The Nature Of Literary Study ENG 20200: Engaging English (NEW)

ENGL 20500Introduction To Creative Writing

ENGL 23100Introduction To Literature

ENGL 23700Introduction To Poetry

ENGL 23800Introduction To Fiction

ENGL 24000Survey Of The British Literature: From The Beginnings….

ENGL 24100Survey Of The British Literature: From The Rise Of


ENGL 25700Literature Of Black America

ENGL 26600World Literature: From The Beginnings To 1700 A.D.

ENGL 26700World Literature: From 1700 A.D. To The Present

ENGL 28600The Movies

ENGL 35000Survey Of American Literature From Its Beginnings To 1865

ENGL 35100Survey Of American Literature From 1865 To

ETHN 20100The Hispanic American Experience

GBG 25900Law And Society

GSLA 10100Global Awareness

HIST 10200Introduction To The Ancient World

HIST 10300Introduction To The Medieval World

HIST 10400Introduction To The Modern World

HIST 10500Survey Of Global History

HIST 11000The PreModern World

HIST 15100American History To 1877

HIST 15200United States Since 1877

LBST 23500Introduction To Great Issues

LALS 10100Introduction To Latin American Studies

MUS 25000Music Appreciation

PHIL 10600Human Experience In Art Literature, Music, And Philosophy

PHIL 11000Introduction To Philosophy

PHIL 11100Ethics

PHIL 32100: Engineering Ethics (NEW)

PHIL 32400Ethics For The Professions

SPAN 23500Spanish American Literature In Translation SPAN 24100Introduction To The Study Of Hispanic Literature

SPAN 33500The Literature Of The SpanishSpeaking Peoples In ..

THTR 20100Theatre Appreciation
Written Composition
No pending changes ENGL 10000 – English Composition

ENGL 10400 – English Composition I

ENGL 10500 – English Composition II

ENGL 22000 – Technical Report Writing

ENGL 30700 – Written and Oral Communication For Engineers ENGL 42000 – Business Writing

Natural Sciences
BIOL 10008 – Foundation Of Biology

BIOL 11000 – Fundamentals Of Biology I

BIOL 14300 – Current Topics In Modern Biology

CHM 10300 – Chemistry & Society

SCI 11300 – Introduction To The Physical Sciences II


ASTR 26300 – Descriptive Astronomy: The Solar System

ASTR 26400 – Descriptive Astronomy: Stars And Galaxies

BIOL 10100 – Introductory Biology

BIOL 10200 – Introductory Biology

BIOL 21000 – Field Biology

BIOL 21300 – Human Anatomy And Physiology I

BIOL 22200 – Aids Online International

BIOL 30300 – Birds Of Northwest Indiana

BIOL 32400 – Natural History of the Smoky Mountains

BIOL 32500 – Natural History of North West Indiana

CHM 11100 – General Chemistry

CHM 11500 – General Chemistry

CHM 11600 – General Chemistry

CHM 11900 – General Chemistry

EAS 10000 – Planet Earth

EAS 10400 – Oceanography

EAS 11000 – Survey Of Geology

EAS 11300 – Introduction To Environmental Science

EAS 12000 – Introduction To Geography

EAS 22000 – Survey Of Physical Geography

EAS 22200 – Weather Studies

EAS 22300 – Ocean Studies

FIS 14000 – Introduction To Forensic Science: Criminalistics

FIS 14005 – Introduction To Forensic Science: Evidence Handling

FN 30300 – Essentials Of Nutrition

PHYS 15200 – Mechanics

PHYS 22000 – General Physics

PHYS 22100 – General Physics

SCI 10300 – Survey Of The Biological World

SCI 10400 – Introduction To Environmental Biology

SCI 10500 – Invitation To Human Biology

SCI 10601 – Food Chemistry

SCI 11200 – Introduction To The Physical Sciences I

SCI 11400 – Introduction to Life Science

SCI 12200 – Origin Of The Universe

SCI 13100 – Science And Environmental Issues

SCI 15000 – Brewing Science SCI 20200 – Environmental Science


2022 General Education and Assessment Committee

David Pratt (Chair) (CHESS)

Khair Al-Shamaileh (’22) (CES)

Marisa Garcia-Verdugo (’22) (CHESS)

David Kozel (’22) (CES)

Julia Rogers (’22) (Nursing)

Sham Tickoo (’23) (TECH)

Renee Conroy (’24) (CHESS)