FSD 21-17_Senate Resolution On Recreational Athletics

August 10, 2022

PNW Faculty Senate

SD  21-17

Student Affairs Committee

DATE  2021 – For Discussion

DATE   May 2021-  For Action

TO:               PNW Faculty Senate.

FROM:         Student Affairs Committee.

SUBJECT:   Resolution on Recreational Athletics:  Physical Activity Awards.


WHEREAS: PNW does have a policy that addresses competitive athletics (PUC SC 13-08);

WHEREAS: PNW does not have a specific program designed to improve students’ health and fitness;

WHEREAS: PNW’s Faculty Senate has the power to “establish policies governing student-group extra-curricular activities, including student participation in athletics” (PNW Constitution Powers and Responsibilities III B 9-10); and,

WHEREAS: Faculty Senate’s Student Affairs Committee is the designated committee to recommend, establish and advise on policies that affect “student participation in extracurricular activities, including intramural athletics” and the “general welfare of the students of PNW, including … health and counseling” (PNW Faculty Senate By-laws III C 3),


The Student Affairs Committee proposes an optional PAR Physical Activity Readiness cocurricular program to improve students’ health and fitness as they progress towards their future careers and professions;

Physical readiness includes both knowledge of healthy behaviors and regular practice of physical activities;

PAR awards acknowledge that PNW recipients graduate with better health and fitness than when they first entered. Mens sana in corpore sano (healthy mind, healthy body);

Criteria to earn PNW physical activity readiness recognition will be based on evidence-based guidelines for health and fitness, for example, U.S. HHS 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. These include cardiovascular, strength, and general healthy habits. The guidelines are supported and endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control, the American Heart Association, and the American College of Sports Medicine;

Westville and Hammond have quality facilities.  PNW has a robust range of  experienced health and fitness faculty and staff, ready, willing, and able to design PAR  Physical Activity Readiness operational stages.  PNW faculty and staff will design the guidelines and set the student parameters for earning Physical Activity Readiness awards in coordination with the Office of the Dean of Students who will use its cocurricular software to track student participants in this program.



Submitted by the Student Affairs Committee

Kenneth Kincaid (CHAIR)

Magesh Chandramouli

Michael Mick

Michelle Spaulding

Mohammed Errihani

Robert Merkovsky

Sheila Rezak

SGA Representative (vacant)