Faculty Senate Minutes, August 19, 2022

November 5, 2022

Faculty Senate Meeting
for August 19, 2022

time: 10:00 a.m. SULB 321


Voting Members Present:
Lee Artz, Ali Alavizadeh, Gokarna Aryal, Scott Bates, Janet Chaney, Ralph Cherry, Karen Covington, Joan Dorman, Anne Edwards, Mohammed Errihani, Bankole Fasanya, Cari Furst, Dawit Gizachew, Rob Hallock, Meden Isaac-Lam, Kenny Kincaid, Dave Kozel, Meghan McGonigal-Kenney, Robert Merkovsky, Michael Mick, Dave Pratt, Sheila Rezak, Tom Roach,  Geoff Schultz, Tony Sindone, Michelle Spaulding, Diane Spoljoric, George Stefanek, Sham Tickoo, Shengyong Zhang, Sam Zinaich

Voting Members Absent:
Jai Agrawal, Matthew Bauman, Magesh Chandramouli, David Nalbone, Wubeshet Woldemariam

Non-Voting Members Present:
Tony Elmendorf, Alan McCafferty

Others Present:
Lisa Goodnight, Anne Gregory, Chris Holford, Tom Keon, Michael Lynn, Meg Rincker, Tim Winders


  1. Call to order.
  2. Quorum determined at 10:03
  3. Approval of the agenda.
    • Motion for approval by Rob Merkovsky
    • Seconded
    • Approved voice vote
  4. Approval of the Senate minutes from May 6, 2022
    • Motion for approval by Ralph Cherry
    • Seconded
    • Approved by voice vote
  5. Remarks by the Senate Chair.
    • Benchmarking committee
      1. The Chair said a benchmarking committee is being formed to do research in relation to changing enrollment. The committee will help to answer what a 4,000-student university should look like in terms of faculty, administration, programs.
    • Senate meeting locations and remote access
      1. It was decided the locations and Zoom access would be discussed by the Executive Committee.
  1. Remarks by the Chancellor.
    • The Chancellor passed the floor the provost
    • The Provost said the upcoming year will be amongst the most exciting and acknowledged Senate Leadership for their contributions in discussions had over the summer. They said great progress was made over the spring and summer. They said COVID is still being constantly monitored in addition to monkeypox. They shared a list of 18 new full-time faculty members and 12 visiting faculty. Searches for the fall were approved. The Center for Faculty Excellence is being expanded. Largest FDIC coming this fall. Retention of this group is paramount. Dean of Students, C. Fewer, sent out a release detailing the new PNW Pridecast and other new and expanded services for students. The Provost said they will be launching the Co-Curricular transcript. PNW is working with ICHE to revise the packaging of dual concurrent enrollment. The new approach is systematic with how those credits might be more usefully packaged together. They said over $25M from the state and federal grants for sponsored research. There will be many structural changes and renovations taking place in the fall. The Provost spoke about the formation of a University College.
    • Collette Morrow said the Creating a Culture of Inclusion Committee was disbanded this summer despite being offered in print and in the Strategic Plan. They said the replacement is called the Cultural Heritage Committee which is not sufficient to implement a diverse, equitable and inclusive campus. They asked what the plan is to create or empower an existing unit to foster diversity, equity and inclusion in a deeply rooted meaningful way on our campuses.
      1. The Chancellor said the whole system has an effort that is being kicked off for Equity and Inclusion.
  2. Unfinished Business:
    • none
  3. New Business:
    • Approval of PUWL Representative. (Tom Roach)
      1. Lee Artz has agreed to be the PUWL rep.
        1. Motioned by T. Roach
        2. Seconded by R. Cherry
      2. For Action:
        • none
      3. Discussion Items from Executive Committee (David Nalbone)
        1. FSD 22-01 Resolution concerning term limits.
          1. Diane Spoljoric said the Executive Committee has made a bylaw amendment to remove term limits for Senators.
          2. The amendment was read to the Senate.
          3. Geoff Schultz asked if this also applied to the Chair of the Senate. D. Spoljoric said no, only the Standing Committees.
          4. It was explained that the issue with term limits is finding a replacement for standing committee chairs.
        2. FSD 22-02 Resolution on course releases.
          1. Referred to FAC
        3. Reports from Chairs.
          • Curriculum (vacant; update by Lee Artz)
            1. Lee Artz said there will be discussion about his replacement late today. The Committee will decide today whether the schedule of due dates for Curriculum Documents, which is currently three weeks, will be changed. The Registrar asked that a deadline be set so that course and curriculum changes can be made to the course catalog in a timely manner. It may be December 16, or January 6.
            2. They thanked the Chancellor and Provost for working with them in initiating a plan to have a degree map that is spread out over a designated period of time. They said there was concern that there seemed to be excessive substitutions for required courses. Records are now being kept to monitor this process and to determine if this is happening in excess.
            3. Tony Elmendorf asked about the structure of this process.
            4. The Provost said a report will be provided to the appropriate Senate standing committee at the end of every semester. They said, should there be a desire to track specific programs, that they would work with the Registrar’s Office to provide more specific information.
          • Ed Policy (Diane Spoljoric)
            1. Update on CES/COT Merger
              1. The committee has been working on this proposal, work is ongoing.
            2. Diane Spoljoric said the committee will be meeting today and provided a reminder that minimum university admission requirements were passed in addition to a resolution on incomplete policy.
            3. Discussion of the establishment of a University College began last semester and the committee will continue to work on this.
            4. They reminded Senators of the mission of the Ed Policy Committee and invited them to bring any relevant matters their way.
          • Faculty Affairs (Tony Sindone)
            1. P&T Documents
              1. Tony Sindone said adjustments made to P&T documents went into effect today. Substantive changes need to be made.
              2. How to populate Promotion Committees for clinicals was not mentioned, FSD 19-08 needed to be incorporated.
              3. Tony Sindone suggested sending the draft to all Senators and added that these changes need to be made by the end of the fall semester.
              4. Tony Sindone explained some of the substantive changes to the document. Criteria is not changing except for clinical.
              5. Tony Sindone said they will distribute the documents to faculty for review.
              6. Changes within this document will not change the guideline established by the colleges.
              7. The Chair said there were some things in the document that we would be legally bound to that cannot be done and need to be corrected.
  • Gen Ed & Assessment (vacant)
    1. Dave Pratt said they will be meeting later today to nominate and elect a new chair.
  • Nominations, Elections, & Awards (Meden Isaac-Lam)
    1. Meden Isaac Lam said they will be working on replacing Senators and populating those committees in need of additional members.
  • Student Affairs (Michelle Spaulding)
    1. Picking up from last year, the committee will be working on the Student of the Month award.
  1. Open discussion (as time permits).
    • Diane Spoljoric asked to discuss Senate Meeting locations. They said there are ten meetings and recommended splitting them between the two campuses instead of the current schedule.
      1. This will be added to the Executive Committee agenda.
      2. Kincaid motioned to split meeting locations equally.
      3. Seconded by Diane Spoljoric
      4. Kincaid called the question
      5. Seconded by R. Merkovsky
      6. Vote to split meeting locations equally between campuses
      7. Motion passed by show of hands.
    • Michelle Spaulding said the R: Departmental Drive is soon going to be inaccessible and alternatives provided are lacking in comparison.
      1. Vice Chancellor Tim Winders said this has been an internal discussion for many years. Students were moved from having their own H drive to Google Drive years ago. Over the last few years access to local store drives has become problematic, especially when working remotely. We are moving to more current technologies to enhance teaching abilities.
      2. Physical storage is limited.
      3. Collaboration is facilitated by remote storage.
      4. They said Information Services is very willing to work with faculty to accommodate.
  1. Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 11:41