FSD 22-04 Resolution-on-SB1

November 6, 2022

FSD 22-04


Whereas, as a voice for the university faculty, it is necessary for the Faculty Senate to speak out on legislation that will negatively impact our students, their families, and our colleagues,


Whereas the health and wellbeing of members of the Purdue University Northwest community are threatened by extraordinarily intrusive legislation signed into law by Indiana Governor Holcomb on August 5, 2022,


Whereas the Indiana Senate Enrolled Act-1 makes the state of Indiana the arbiter of the circumstances under which Hoosiers should carry pregnancies, whether planned or unplanned, to term,


Whereas this pending legislation deprives our students of the opportunity to make thoughtful personal decisions about whether to assume the responsibilities of becoming parents while they are still pursuing their own education.


Whereas this legislation will also decrease PNW’s ability to attract diverse faculty to this state and to our campus,


Therefore, be it resolved that the PNW Faculty Senate encourage faculty to engage in research on the short-term and long-term impact of this legislation and hold educational public forums about reproductive justice and consequences of SB1 to individual and public health. 


Be it also resolved that the decision of the PNW Faculty Senate be communicated to the Indiana Senate.



Submitted by:


Lee Artz

Diane Spoljoric

Collette Morrow

Diana Underwood-Gregg