FSD 22-07 University College

December 2, 2022

FSD 22-07: Resolution on the Creation of a University College as a Degree Granting College


Resolution on the Creation of a University College as a Degree Granting College

Committee: Educational Policy

For Discussion: 10/14/2022

For Action:

Whereas: Article III, Section C.5 of the Constitution of the Faculty of Purdue University Northwest stipulates that the Faculty Senate has an advisory role relative to “All proposed changes and procedures concerning the academic organization of Purdue University Northwest”;

Whereas: The Educational Policy committee was asked on March 10th, 2022 to consider a proposal from the Office of Academic Affairs regarding the establishment of a formal University College (UC) at Purdue Northwest to be recognized as a degree granting college;

Whereas: Honors College (HC), cannot provide accurate data regarding enrollment because honors students are enrolled in degree programs in one of the other colleges;

Whereas: Since unification, UC has “existed” on paper as the “college” to which Exploratory (undecided/undeclared) have been assigned. However, since it was not formally established by the Board of Trustees, it has no formal institutional structure;

Whereas: This lack of formal structure of the UC as a college has severely constrained its ability to provide a full range of services to Exploratory students (undecided/undeclared), to hire instructional faculty to serve these students, and to serve as a home for potential cross-college programs;

Whereas: Exploratory (undecided/undeclared) students represent a significant percentage of the entering class each year. These students are admitted with neither a primary college affiliation nor a formal multi-year degree map to follow toward completion of degree. Retention among this group is almost 15% lower than the academic colleges;

Whereas: The current recognized college, the Honors College would become a constituent unit within the newly-established UC. The current dean of HC would have oversight of UC, as well as HC;

Whereas: The Office of Academic Affairs has developed plans to utilize a formal UC as an actual college and institutional home for exploratory students with the goal of providing a real sense of belonging to this at-risk group of students;

Whereas: These plans also envision UC as the natural college for the development and delivery of innovative multi- and cross-disciplinary programs that serve the entire university, under the oversight of the faculty governance representing each academic college;

Whereas: The Faculty Council of University College involved in the oversight of the academic elements of GS 19100 and the HC curriculum, gave this proposal its unanimous support;

Be It Resolved:  Given the tremendous potential that a fully-functioning University College has to further student success, retention and programmatic development, the Educational Policy Committee of the PNW Faculty Senate respectfully recommends that the Faculty Senate approve this resolution to the creation of a University College.

Committee Members:

Diane Spoljoric (Chair)

Ralph Cherry

Anne Edwards

Dawit Gizachew

Dave Kozel

Michael Mick

Shengyong Zhang

Ed Policy Members Voting in favor of this resolution:

Ed Policy Members Voting against this resolution: