Letter to Board of Trustees

February 8, 2023

To the Purdue University Board of Trustees,


As Chair of the Purdue Northwest Faculty Senate, I want to inform you that we asked Chancellor Keon to resign last year, and you have our support if you relieve him of his responsibilities. His remarks at graduation are evidence of his inability to lead and represent our faculty. I encourage you to replace him immediately and prevent him from drawing out this national embarrassment with more public statements like the problematic apology he issued this Wednesday. I have worked closely with Provost Kenneth Holford, and I believe he is able to provide principled leadership as interim chancellor. I also think that former chancellor Howard Coen would be a suitable replacement if he is available on short notice. I prefer that you not bring in someone who is unfamiliar with our campus community.




Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D.

Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate Chair