Results & Comments

February 8, 2023

December 21, 2022

To the Purdue University Northwest Faculty,

The results of the one-question vote-of-confidence survey are as follows:

Votes of No-Confidence     135 (87 percent of everyone who voted)

Votes of Confidence           20 (13 percent)

All tenured and tenure-track faculty and all clinical faculty were polled. The list also included administrators with faculty status—department heads, deans, and some members of the senior leadership team.

The total faculty polled        238

Total responses                   155

Response rate                      65 percent

The 135 No-Confidence votes represent more than half of all those who received a ballot.

Write-in comments are attached.

We will present these results to the chancellor today and request his resignation.

The survey was conducted through a platform called eBallot that specializes in running secure elections and guarantees that everyone gets only one vote and that all voting remains anonymous.

The list of eligible voters was provided by the university. We are aware that at least two faculty email addresses were missing from the official records. We are also aware that some faculty didn’t receive ballots because the ballots came from a third party and ended up in spam folders. Whenever we were contacted with a problem we tried to troubleshoot it and get a ballot to the faculty member, but we were not successful in all cases.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

Thomas J. Roach

Purdue University Northwest

Senate Faculty Chair


Question TitleWrite-In TextWeightVotercount
Additional commentsA biased administrator 11
A person who openly mocks Asian people is not fit to lead a diverse institution.11
All administrators including deans and department heads also must be accountable.11
As a Westville faculty member, Chancellor Keon has been an absolute disaster.11
Chancellor Keon has crossed all boundaries. Please resign. 11
ExecCom is acting on its own not on behalf of faculty.Icall for a vote of confidence regarding them!11
Extremely damaging to the reputation of PNW and Purdue, and will have financial consequences.11
He destroyed the image of the university.11
He has publicly damaged PNW Image. This will affect our enrollment and hiring. He should stepdown11
He is incompetent and unwilling to listen. He has created Hammond versus Westville11
He must leave now 11
He should resign as an anti-Asian racist11
He should resign.11
His actions are inexcuseable and unacceptable. He must resign.11
I have no confidence in Senior Leadership Team. External interim needed.11
I recommend Dr.Kenneth Holford as PNW Chancellor11
If he does not resign voluntarily, he should be removed immediately. 11
Just leave for God’s sake 11
Keon must go if PNW is to begin to recover from this mess and the failures of the past decade.11
Keon performed racism, mocking an "Asian language," and then abused his power to deflect attention.11
Keon should step down.11
Leave now! 11
Let's exercise some tolerance for making a human mistake. Perhaps some diversity training. 11
My vote of no confidence is because of his terrible management of the university11
No innovative initiatives are taken to make the institute stronger.11