Faculty Senate Minutes, May 5, 2023

September 21, 2023

Faculty Senate, May 5, 2023

10:00 AM-12:00 PM: Westville – LSF 002


  1. Determination of quorum
    • Quorum determined at 10:15am
  2. Call to order
    • Meeting called to order at 10:17am
  3. Approval of the agenda
    • Motioned for approval
    • Seconded
    • Approved by voice vote
  4. Approval of the minutes from April 14, 2023
    • Motion for approval by Rob Merkovsky
    • Seconded
    • Approved by voice vote
  5. Remarks by the Senate Chair
    • The Chair said it was an exciting year for him and thanked the Senate for their trust in his capacity to serve as their leader and expressed appreciation for their cooperation.
  6. Remarks by the Chancellor
    • The Chancellor was not in attendance. The Provost spoke on his behalf.
      1. The Provost thanked the faculty for another successful year. All aspects of our mission, service learning, and engagement continued at a record pace across campus. Faculty have produced increasingly high levels of scholarship and very meaningful engagement for the university.
      2. Expects to break $10M threshold in new awards again this year. We are now in three years of maintaining very high levels of externally sponsored research.
      3. Fundraising also continued at record-setting pace. Purdue Day of Giving raised $2.85 million in support of students and academic programming. That is a single-day record for our campus, it placed us fourth in participation and in the top 15% for overall fundraising within the system.
      4. Record incoming freshman class. Retention is biggest priority. Enrollments are going up. Retention is going up.
      5. We were treated favorably by the legislature in our budget. The Provost urged incoming Senate Leadership to reorganize the Senate Budget Committee so that this can be shared broadly with the faculty and they can understand where we are in our budget.
      6. Our Psy.D program in Clinical Psychology was approved at the last Board of Trustees meeting. Meeting May 8 with the Indiana Commission to move to final state approval. We expect the program will be launching in fall of 2024.
      7. Future planning for Westville campus will be discussed May 10 in LASF at 10:00a.m.
      8. Preparing for an exciting summer on both campuses. Hosting 294 students who are coming to attend more than 20 summer camps funded by the Lily Foundation. New sections are being added as a result of increasing participation.
      9. Kenny Kincaid said the workshops in AI are appreciated and hopes that the Provost Office will continue to support them.
        1. The Provost said AI in the classroom will be the topic of a system-wide forum discussion in the fall.
      10. Diane Spoljoric said the Westville campus discussion will be open to all interested parties. The discussion will include the viability of Purdue Northwest, and our presence in LaPorte, Porter, and Starke County. She said the variety of camps being provided is astonishing.
  1. Unfinished Business
    • Senate Election Results
      1. Meden Isaac-Lam presented handouts and announced the election results :
        1. Unchallenged, Diane Spoljoric will be the incoming Vice-Chair.
      2. New Business:
  1. For Action:
    • Moratorium on Academic Reorganization
      1. Spoljoric read the proposed resolution
      2. Motion for approval by D. Spoljoric
      3. Seconded by T. Sindone
      4. Approved by voice vote.
  1. Discussion Items:
    • The Chair motioned to add the Chancellor Search Committee to discussion items
      1. Seconded by R. Merkovsky
      2. Approved by voice vote.
    • SOEC and Math
      1. Will be discussed in the Curriculum Report
    • Resolution to Eliminate Chief of Staff to the Chancellor Position
      1. The Vice Chair motioned to move this action today.
        1. No second
        2. Motion fails
      2. Tony Sindone said the positions discussed are administrative. We should not try to take control of these decisions.
      3. The Vice Chair said he once gave a presentation as a non-Senator on budgetary issues and called for the elimination of the Chief of Staff position. The Chancellor shortly thereafter heeded the suggestion and the position was eliminated.
      4. Dave Kozel asked for the provost to clarify what the position entails.
        1. The Provost said there is a job description for the position which can be provided.
        2. Anne Edwards said further discussion should wait until the description is provided.
      5. The Vice Chair said these are two full-time administrative positions with some additional costs associated. There does not appear to be a necessity for this position. It has been eliminated before. It is not at all clear why it has reappeared.
      6. Lee Artz said he agrees with T. Sindone, the resolution is moot considering the lack of power held by the Senate. However, presenting the resolution for vote at least asserts the position of the Senate on such matters.
    • Chancellor Search Committee
      1. The Chair said the Executive Committee met and put together a list of people they would like on the search committee for the next Chancellor. In the meantime, the Board of Trustees have nominated their own group of people without consideration of the Senate. This is a violation of what is stated in our constitution and bylaws. The Chair passed the floor to the Parliamentarian.
      2. The Parliamentarian explained that under the specific power of the Senate, listed in the Constitution and approved by the Board, the Senate has the power to nominate individuals for the search committees of the Chancellor and Provost. That power is vested in the faculty through its governing body, which is the Senate. The bylaws are not a document that needs to be approved by the Board, but the bylaws do specifically state that the Chair of the Senate shall serve on any search committee for the chancellor.
      3. The Chair said he was also Chair when the search was conducted that hired Chancellor Keon. At that the time, the Chair said he appointed the committee which included a Board member and their Provost. That committee had a faculty member, a dean, and an advisor from each college. Those appointments came from the Senate.
      4. The Chair reiterated that a search committee for Chancellor of PNW was established without consultation of the Senate Chair, which is overriding the authority of this body.
      5. Spoljoric said the email distributed on behalf of the Board, it presents a well-established procedure for selecting a Chancellor. Number 11 clearly states that the Senate will have input in these decisions. Names have been vetted by their committee for consideration today. The committee aimed for equal representation from every college and administrative level.
      6. Anne Edwards said the glaring practical point is that BOT approved our Constitution and so it should come to their attention that it is currently being violated.
      7. The Vice Chair said what the Board put together does not adequately represent us and the asked why the Board is not acting in line with its own constitutional responsibilities.
      8. Ali Alavizadeh said his colleagues noticed that there is not representation for COT. It is unclear if there is a process or procedure that stipulates how the committee should be formed.
      9. Dave Kozel said the Constitution states that while we do have the power to nominate individuals to serve on the search committee, we do not have the authority to assign committee members. He suggested sending this information to the Board, with inclusion of the two colleges that are not represented, to receive representation, and to suggest certain nominations for them.
      10. Tony Sindone said, since we have it in our constitution that we can nominate committee members, we should do so as a friendly suggestion.
      11. Anne Edwards said the key is to be assertive but not confrontational. It’s important to note that what the Constitution says, and therefore, the Faculty Senate had come up with a list. While the Senate agrees with many people on the BOT’s list, we would like to note that these two colleges need to be represented, as well as possibly the advisor of the university. And therefore we suggest to add these names to the list.
      12. The Vice Chair said these would be suggested additions.
      13. Diane Spoljoric said the list generated by BOT should be reviewed. The list prepared by the Executive Committee was created in haste and not meant to be the final list. It was meant to be brought forward to this body for consideration and to indicate the oversight made by BOT.
      14. Lee Artz moved to add David Nalbone, David Detmer, Ali Alavizadeh, and Bill Baginski.
        1. Seconded by K. Kincaid
      15. Kelly Vaughan asked for clarification on who these people were, why they were chosen, and if they are willing to participate.
        1. The Vice Chair explained the list consists of representatives of the colleges, the Chair of the Senate when the new Chancellor is installed, the current Senate Chair, an advisor, and three former administrators from various colleges designated because of their experience.
        2. Kelly Vaughan said Kathy Tobin should also be considered as she has been a department chair. Kenny Kincaid agreed.
        3. The Parliamentarian called a point of order, stating that K. Tobin is not currently part of the ongoing discussion.
        4. Dave Kozel said there should be further discussion within the colleges and departments to recruit their own representatives.
        5. Tony Sindone said the search committee may commence without consideration of these nominations if the vote today is postponed.
        6. Michelle Spaulding said there appear to be two points here. The first is the lack of consideration by BOT. The Second is acknowledging it with the submission of this list.
        7. The Vice Chair said we do not have the time to take this back and discuss.
        8. Scott Bates asked for clarification on why the people being put forward were chosen to serve on this committee. The Chair said the list created by the Executive Committee is weighted more towards faculty, and theirs is weighted more towards people who are administrators or have administrative appointments.
        9. Kelly Vaughan said, since this list has only been presented today and has not been thoroughly reviewed, it would be best to take the list back to their colleagues for discussion before proceeding.
        10. Lee Artz called the question to end discussion.
          1. Seconded by M. Spaulding
          2. Approved by voice vote.
          3. Motion passes by voice vote.
        11. The Chair called for a vote on the motion made by Lee Artz adding David Nalbone, David Detmer, Ali Alavizadeh, and Bill Baginski.
          1. Motioned for approval by voice vote
        12. The Vice Chair proposed crafting a letter to the appointed Search Committee Chair, Malcom DeKryger, stating that we nominate these four individuals subject to the constitutional provisions subject to the bylaw provisions. And here’s additionally the reason why we want these two colleges to be additionally represented.
        13. The Chair said he would defer to in-coming Chair David Nalbone to draft the letter.
      16. Reports from Senate Standing Committee Chairs
        • Curriculum (Lee Artz)
          1. Lee Artz recognized committee members for their work, Jen Williams of the Registrar, and the Provost. The Curriculum Committee had more than 70 proposals recommended to the Senate.
          2. Artz thanked the Provost for his office responding to questions that would allow for easier functioning of the committee.
          3. Emails from students and instructors indicate an egregious amount of violations to the approved curriculum by SOEC. The committee will be meeting with the Provost to ensure that the approved curriculum is being followed. Students did not want their name shared in fear of retaliation. L. Artz said faculty governance needs to be adhered to.
          4. Kelly Vaughan said she was part of the mediation team with math and SOEC. An agreement was made and signed. Curriculum documents agreed upon in mediation have been resolved. L. Artz agreed, incoming students will see the new sequence, but current students continue to receive substitutions.
          5. Kelly Vaughan said it was her understanding that the process was looking at exemptions and the SOEC did not come up.
          6. Lee Artz said it remains a question for people who are not beginning in the fall.
          7. Artz and K. Vaughn agreed to discuss further at a later time outside of Senate.
        • Ed Policy (Diane Spoljoric)
          1. Diane Spoljoric said she provided her report during convocation and so will not repeat.
          2. Ed Policy is working on official final examination policy, Senate reorganization.
          3. Dave Kozel was unanimously voted as Chair of the committee for 23-24.
          4. Working on providing credits for military service.
          5. Diane Spoljoric thanked Ralph Cherry and wished him the best on his retirement.
          6. Diane Spoljoric thanked members of the committee.
        • Faculty Affairs (Tony Sindone)
          1. Tony Sindone said FAC got through the P&T document and are working on larger issues such as the administrator evaluation system, which we will continue to work through with the summer.
          2. Tony Sindone thanked members of the committee.
          3. Rob Hallock was unanimously voted FAC Chair.
          4. Working on faculty handbook.
          5. Sindone said he will not be on Senate next years. He said over the last five years he made the following observations:
            1. The committee did best when looking forward.
            2. We made more progress when we were in a collaborative mode rather than an adversarial mode.
            3. He shared his hope that this body would continue that tradition of moving forward, as opposed to looking backwards.
            4. He said he is honored to have served as a representative College of Business and Quantitative Business Studies. He is also honored to have served as Chair of Student Affairs as well as Faculty Affairs over the years.
            5. He shared his respect for everyone in the room.
  • Gen Ed & Assessment (Cari Furst)
    1. Cari Furst thanked everyone on the committee. There was one item up for vote at the meeting.
      1. By verbal resolution, Cari Furst motioned the following courses be approved for Gen Ed designation:
        • PHIL120: Critical Thinking
        • PHIL206: Intro to the Philosophy of Religion
        • PHIL219: Philosophy and the Meaning of Life
        • PHIL327: Environmental Ethics
      2. Seconded by D. Spoljoric
      3. Approved by voice vote
    2. Reviewed Humanities and Social Sciences courses:
      • 19 received full approval
      • 17 received conditional approval because more information is needed.
      • 4 recommended for removal because they have not been taught in the last three plus years.
      • 4 additions that were just voted on.
      • 20 deletions from Gen Ed catalog at the request of the respective departments because of inactivity of those courses.
  • Nominations, Elections, & Awards (Meden Isaac-Lam)
    1. Meden Isaac-Lam said the list of incoming Senators has been distributed. Within that list are highlighted names that are still in need of replacement.
      1. Motion for approval of the list
      2. Seconded
      3. Approved by voice vote
    2. Four faculty members nominated to DEIJB ad hoc
      1. The Office of the Chancellor has appointed Tim Griffin as Associate Director of EDI. The DEIJB ad hoc committee should work with him.
      2. Morrow is evaluating student rep, MAPSAC and CSSAC reps.
    3. University Policy Committee needs to appoint someone in place of Ralph Cherry.
    4. The Parliamentarian said to those Senators whose terms are expiring and those whose terms are beginning that the turnover for Senators takes place one week before the first Executive Committee in the fall. So, although leadership turns over a week from today, membership in the Senate and the chairs of the standing committees remain in place over the summer until just before the Executive Committee meets in the fall.
  • Student Affairs (Michelle Spaulding)
    1. Michelle Spaulding said Student Affairs will soon be distributing an email about nominating people for next year’s Student of the Month.
    2. Investigating other policy items about student organization and clubs.
    3. Michelle Spaulding thanks members or the committee.
  1. IFC / West Lafayette Report (Lee Artz)
    • Lee Artz said IFC elected a new chair that passed the resolution on Chancellor Keon.
    • Most of the IFC discussion has revolved around IUPUI.
    • Passed a resolution in support of LGBTQ.
  2. SGA Report (David Bolton)
    • The SGA president was not in attendance.
  3. Open discussion (as time permits).
    • Diane Spoljoric said next week is Nurse’s Week.
    • The Chair said there will be a celebration at Lucrezia Café after the meeting.
    • Dave Kozel thanked the Provost for attending meetings.
  4. Adjournment
    • Meeting adjourned at 11:58