FSD 22-03 Resolution for Definition of Faculty Status

January 20, 2024

Resolution for Definition of Faculty Status

Submission Date: August 5, 2022


WHEREAS: The Constitution establishes that the Senate has the power to recommend “Policies affecting the general welfare, privileges, tenure and responsibilities of The Purdue University Northwest faculty, standards for appointment, and procedures for academic promotion of members of the faculty,”

WHEREAS: Purdue University Northwest cannot afford to pay former administrators, upon returning to the faculty ranks, to re-learn how to teach at their full administrative salaries;

WHEREAS: Purdue University Northwest has paid full administrative salaries for several former administrators who were not required to contribute to the university in any meaningful way while so paid;

WHEREAS: It has been claimed that some former administrators who return to faculty status would be too expensive to pay as teachers (if retirement is an alternative), and thus a “golden parachute” in the form of an administrative sabbatical, with full pay and no requirement to contribute to the university, is an appropriate option; and

WHEREAS:  University faculty bodies are responsible for determining who merits faculty status;

BE IT RESOLVED: The (Faculty Affairs?) Committee recommends that all faculty at Purdue University Northwest must have full responsibility to teach, and to actually teach, at least one course every two years in order to maintain their faculty status.

Submitted by the (Faculty Affairs?) Committee