FSD 22-08 Resolution to Confirm Flexibility in Order of Courses

January 20, 2024

FSD 22-08: Resolution to Confirm Flexibility in Order of Courses



Whereas, it has been the practice to allow flexibility in the order courses are taken:

Whereas, without changing the curriculum or the courses for the program of study, the order that courses are taken that do not require a prerequisite can be rearranged:

Whereas, flexibility is needed in the order of courses to be taken, especially in the freshman year, to help with scheduling for departments and more options for students:

Whereas, the prescribed program courses are not affected by the order taken:

With the expectation that the order of required first year courses and courses not having prerequisite conditions can be rearranged in any manner so long as the prescribed program courses and curriculum for said courses are met and followed.

Therefore, be it resolved: The Curriculum Committee of the PNW Faculty Senate recommends that the Faculty Senate approve this resolution to continue the flexibility in the order that courses are taken:


Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee

Lee Artz

Joan Dorman

Bankole Fasanya

Wubeshet Woldemariam