FSD 22-09-1  Engagement Award Eligibility Requirements

January 20, 2024

PNW Outstanding Faculty Engagement Award

Award: $1,000


  1. Outstanding Faculty Engagement Award Eligibility Requirements


  1. The nominee must be tenured or tenure-track faculty or clinical professional faculty.
  2. The nominee must have had an average teaching FTE of at least 0.50 at Purdue University Northwest for the 6 semesters prior to nomination.
  3. The nominee must be willing to have his/her name placed in nomination.


  1. Nomination Package


The nomination package shall consist of a brief of not more than two pages prepared by each nominee with appropriate appendices attached.


  1. Structure of the Two Page-Brief
    1. Name of the nominee, rank and departmental affiliation
    2. Statement of nominator indicating why the nominee warrants the award.
    3. Information relevant to the effectiveness of the nominee.


  1. It is recommended that the following material for the 6 semesters prior to nomination be appended to the brief:
    1. Demonstrated leadership or initiative in assigned service roles (e.g. academic advising).
    2. Significant contribution to or leadership in standing or ad hoc department, school, college, or university committees.
    3. Participation in and contribution to student recruiting and retention activities, marketing programs to high schools, industry, et cetera.
    4. Leadership in academic and other university affairs, advising student organizations, clubs for departmental majors, et cetera.
    5. Participation in activities to promote the involvement of women and minorities in the University.
    6. Participation on committees which promote intercampus cooperation.
    7. Service as a committee chairperson, committee member, or officer of a professional organization at the local, state or national level.
    8. Membership, attendance and leadership at professional meetings.
    9. Consultation to educational institutions outside of Purdue University Northwest.
    10. Participation in accreditation committees or visits.
    11. Activities that implement or support the land grant service concept of the university in such areas as community development, extension teaching, off-campus courses, and other types of field services.
    12. Meaningful and professionally relevant consulting activities with business, government and industry.
    13. Participating in local, regional and state economic development activities.
    14. Service as members and/or officers of boards of directors of community service agencies.
    15. Participation on committees which promote inter-institutional cooperation.
    16. Participation in professional and educational reviews.
    17. Conducting continuing education programs on or off campus.
    18. Training and workshops for staff or board members of community service agencies.
    19. Other relevant examples of service and contributions.
    20. Not more than four documents of support from at least two of the following:
  2. outside evaluators/clients
  3. students and/or alumni
  4. faculty
  5. administrators