FSD 22-09-2 Scholarship Award Eligibility Requirements

January 20, 2024

PNW Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award

Award: $1,000


  1. Outstanding Scholarship Award Eligibility Requirements


  1. The nominee must be tenured or tenure-track faculty or clinical professional faculty.
  2. The nominee must have had an average teaching FTE of at least 0.50 at Purdue University Northwest for the 6 semesters prior to nomination.
  3. The nominee must be willing to have his/her name placed in nomination.


  1. Nomination Package


The nomination package shall consist of a brief of not more than two pages prepared by each nominee with appropriate appendices attached.


  1. Structure of the Two-Page Brief
  2. Name of the nominee, rank and departmental affiliation
  3. Statement of nominator indicating why the nominee warrants the award.
  4. Information relevant to the impact and significance of the scholarly activities of the nominee.


  1. It is recommended that materials similar to the following be appended to the brief.
    1. Refereed articles accepted for publication in journals.
    2. Refereed papers and/or presentations at professional or instructional conferences.
    3. Grants and funded research.
    4. Books which contribute to the literature and body of knowledge in the discipline.
    5. Serving as editor of a journal.
    6. Edited books.
    7. Serving as editorial consultant or as a referee for submissions/abstracts for publication.
    8. Serving on an editorial advisory board or an editorial board.
    9. Invited lectures and workshops and conferences at other institutions.
    10. Publications in proceedings of conference presentations
    11. Published reviews of books, scholarly works and textbooks, especially if such reviews are published in journals.
    12. Software published, patented, or sold to clients.
    13. Patents and copyrights.
    14. Invited chapters written for books.
    15. Non-refereed articles in publications related to the faculty member’s area of professional or teaching expertise and invited articles for publication in trade magazines.
    16. Involvement in graduate and undergraduate student research with the goal of publishing that research.
    17. Paid and non-paid consulting experiences that are relevant to the faculty member’s area of professional expertise.
    18. Awards for scholarly achievement.
    19. Other relevant examples of creative and/or scholarly activity.
    20. Not more than four documents of support from among the following:
    21. outside evaluators/clients
    22. alumni
    23. faculty
    24. administrators