FSD 22-09-3 Teaching Award Eligibility Requirements

January 20, 2024

PNW Outstanding Faculty Teacher Award

Award: $1,000


  1. Outstanding Teacher Awards Eligibility Requirements


  1. The nominee must be tenured or tenure-track faculty or clinical professional faculty.
  2. The nominees must have had an average teaching FTE of at least 0.50 at Purdue University Northwest for the 6 semesters prior to nomination.
  3. The nominee must be willing to have his/her name placed in nomination.


  1. Nomination Package


The nomination package shall consist of a brief of not more than two pages prepared by each nominee with appropriate appendices attached.


  1. Structure of the Two-Page Brief
    1. Name of the nominee, rank and departmental affiliation
    2. List of all courses taught during the previous 6 semesters. Include dates and numbers of students enrolled: g. COM 20400 – SP 16 – 25 enrolled.
    3. Statement of teaching philosophy
    4. Statement of goals and discussion of innovative course design and/or activities
    5. Information relevant to the instructional effectiveness of the nominee.


It is recommended that the following material from the previous 6 semesters be appended to the brief:


  1. Appendices
    1. Statement from nominator indicating why the nomination was made. If you are self-nominated, you should include a statement of rationales for self-nomination.
    2. Peer review – The committee will require a narrative review from one faculty peer who observed the faculty member’s teaching.
    3. Course syllabi for courses taught during the previous 6 semesters.
    4. Results of all student evaluations of instructional effectiveness for all classes taught during this period. Evaluation materials from a maximum of 6 semesters may be submitted. Any material submitted in this category MUST include the written statement of the nominee that evaluations were conducted without his/her presence or influence.
    5. Any evidence that demonstrates how the nominee’s teaching positively affects student learning.
    6. Not more than four documents of support from at least two of the following:
    7. outside evaluators
    8. students and/or alumni
    9. faculty
    10. administrators


  • Selection Criteria


  1. The selection of the person receiving this award will be based on the following criteria being demonstrated by the nominee:


  1. Engages students with various teaching strategies.
  2. Knows the subject area well.
  3. Promotes high levels of thinking.
  4. Is enthusiastic about teaching and makes the course stimulating.
  5. Is readily available for consultation with students.
  6. Encourages students to ask questions and express opinions.
  7. Clearly explains how students will be evaluated in the course.
  8. Reflects, revises and uses student feedback for improvement.
  9. Students feel that they have learned as a result of being in this course.