FSD 23-07 Resolution on DEIJB Members

January 20, 2024



Membership in the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice and Belonging (DEIJB) Committee (Revised)


Submission Date: October 27, 2023                                                  Faculty Senate Document 23-03


Nominating Committee


For Action

In compliance with FSD 21-4, the Diversity, Inclusion, Justice and Belonging (DEIJB) Subcommittee of the Faculty Affairs Committee of the PNW Faculty Senate was created as of February 4, 2022. The DEIJB Committee is an Ad Hoc Committee and shall report directly to the Faculty Senate Faculty Affairs Committee.


The following is the list of members for the DEIJB Subcommittee AY 2023-2024.

Pam Saylor, Chair (CHESS),

Kelly Vaughan (CHESS),

Kenny Kincaid (CHESS),

Karen Covington (CON),

Atty. Alfredo Estrada (Lake County Regional Representative),

Iona Brinson (MaPSAC),

Erica Burnett (CSSAC),

Carlos Marcano (Student Representative), and

1 more Student Representative (TBD).


Respectfully submitted:

Meden F. Isaac-Lam (Chair, Nominations Committee)

Kelly Vaughan

Roger Kraft