FSD 23-10 Resolution on Curriculum Process ’24

March 25, 2024


Revision to Curriculum Process

Submission Date: 2/9/24                                                                           Faculty Senate Document 23-10

The Curriculum Committee

For Discussion

Whereas: Faculty Governance and the Constitution assures that the Faculty, through the Faculty Senate, will determine all PNW curriculum matters;


Whereas: curricular decisions should be determined by academic integrity and needs rather than motivated by attempts to increase enrollments for individual departments;

Whereas: there have recently been instances of departments revising prerequisites for courses and programs that adversely affect other departments;


Whereas: faculty need clear instructions and understanding of the curriculum submission and approval process; and,

Whereas: the Senate Curriculum Committee needs clear guidelines for its responsibility;

Be it resolved: The Senate curriculum process shall be revised as follows:


  1. All submissions will indicate that the affected department has been consulted, including the name(s) of faculty involved in those discussions.
  2. All submissions will indicate that each of the departments affected has either approved or rejected any changes to pre-requisites, co-requisites, and courses included in a program.
  3. All submissions will indicate if the proposed changes are required by the accrediting institution for the program.
  4. Curriculum proposals approved by College Curriculum Committees that include all departments affected by the proposal, Senate Curriculum Committee will accept the College approval as indicating departments within the College approve the proposal.
  5. Maintain current practice such that if Senate Curriculum Committee declines to approve any department curriculum proposal, a Senator from that department may request that proposal be added to the Senate agenda for discussion and vote.


Submitted by Senate Curriculum Committee (voting 5-0 in favor of resolution)

Lee Artz, Chair

Joan Dorman

Wei He

Wubeshet Woldemariam

Cheng Zhang