FSD 22-13 Resolution regarding Academic Reorganization

June 5, 2024

FSD 22-13 Resolution regarding Academic Reorganization


Committee: Educational Policy

For Discussion: April 14th, 2023

Whereas: Both Senate and administration are working on proposals to consider changes to the academic structure of PNW. It is anticipated that this endeavor will take much research, time, and consideration before any proposal/s are developed or considered.

Be It Resolved: The Education Policy Committee recommends PNW take no further action regarding changes in the current approved academic structure until a final resolution is confirmed.

Committee Members:

Diane Spoljoric (Chair)

Ralph Cherry

Anne Edwards

David Kozel

Robert Kramer

Michael Mick

Shengyong Zhang


Ed Policy Members Voting in favor of this resolution: 7

Ed Policy Members Voting against this resolution: 0