Blackboard learn is our current learning management system. It will be replaced by D2L: Brightspace.

Student Login 

Faculty/Staff Login

Browser Compatibility

Blackboard Learn works best with the Chrome or Firefox browsers on your computer. It is not compatible with Internet Explorer, Edge or Safari. Use the browser checker to see whether Blackboard Learn is supported on your device.

Getting Started

Using Blackboard Learn? Check out the following introductory resources:

How to Check Your Grades

Submitting Assignments and Viewing Grades

Assignments may be used to submit homework assignments or large projects. Learn how to submit an assignment and view your assigned grade along with instructor feedback.


The discussion board may be used to ask course-related questions or to collaborate with your peers.

Exams and Quizzes

Learn how to take a test or quiz as well as review submission found in Blackboard Learn.

Student Groups

Learn how to work in student groups within Blackboard Learn.

Before Your First Day

1. Schedule a ‘Meet and Greet’ with the AV staff to learn how to use the technology in your classroom by contacting the Customer Service Center.

2. If you have any software requests in your classroom, contact the Customer Service Center the week before classes start.

3. Download your class roster by going to myPNW, click the Faculty/Advisor tab, under Faculty/Advisor Resources click the first option, Summary Class List (Roster).

Add Grade Center Columns

Add a grade center column into the full grade center to provide students instant access to grades.

Add a Teaching Assistant, Supplemental Instructor or other Instructor to Course

You may need to provide a Supplemental Instructor (SI), Teaching Assistant (TA), or another instructor access to your course.

Course Availability

Make your course available one to two weeks prior to the first day of class to provide students adequate time to review the syllabus and order their textbooks.

Course Copy

Don’t waste valuable time each semester re-uploading lectures notes, remaking quizzes, discussion forums, etc. Instead, copy materials from a previous course into an existing course.

Course Merge

A Course Merge combines students from two or more courses. This benefits instructors who teach multiple sections/courses which uses the same course content.

Download Grade Book

Learn how to download the grade center and open in an excel spreadsheet. You may keep track of grades offline and upload them at a later time. Or you may create an attendance sheet which can be used during your face-to-face classes.

Grade Submit Tool

The Grade Submit Tool allows instructors to directly transfer Final Grades for students from Blackboard Learn into Purdue’s student information system, Banner.

Master Course

With a master course, you can build modules, experiment with course design, and optimize navigation. Your master course may be copied into existing courses.

Not sure where to start? Email to schedule an appointment and get started, or connect with our Virtual Help Desk.

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