We do more than you might think! From application support to security training, explore all the services IS offers.

Services, A to Z

PNW is committed to providing equal access to educational programs, services, activities and events. Explore guidelines for promoting accessibility.

Accounts and Passwords
You’ll use your PNW username and password to access a range of digital services! Learn more about creating and changing your accounts.

Audio-Visual Services
We install and maintain classroom and broadcast-technology equipment on campus, providing an array of audio-visual support systems for academic and college-related non-academic purposes.

Banner is PNW’s student information system. See how to request access to Banner’s administrative pages and document management system.

Brightspace is a learning management system created by Desire 2 Learn (D2L) that replaced Blackboard.

Available to faculty/staff, this advanced screen-recording and video-editing software can be used to cut and enhance your video.

Cloud Storage
Options for storing your data safely on the various Cloud Storage services available to PNW faculty, staff, and students.

Computer Lab Reservation
This allows students to reserve a time in that computer lab to ensure that there is a computer available, preventing the need to wander through campus looking for an open seat!

Computer Labs/Classrooms
Explore the computer and software offerings available in PNW’s on-campus labs and classrooms.

Computer Replacement Standards
To maintain high technology standards as well as high-level technical support, all staff/faculty computer purchases should follow these recommended computer hardware standards.

Customer Service Center
Need technical assistance? PNW’s Customer Service Center is ready to help!

EDUCAUSE provides extensive access to insight on a range of IT topics. This resource is made available by Information Services to all PNW faculty and staff.

E-mail Distribution Lists
E-mail distribution lists are used to send an email to multiple people without having to add each name to the To, Cc, or Bcc line individually.

Exchange Online
Exchange Online is a cloud-based service that allows faculty and staff to access their email, calendar, and contacts on multiple devices via the web.

Every student is provided with a Gmail account with more than 6 gigabytes of storage, fast Google search and powerful spam protection.

Google Apps (Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, Hangouts and Meet)
This set of cloud-based applications found within your PNW Google account can store files and media, provide collaborative opportunities, support video conferencing and sync across devices.

Google Meet
Google Meet is a video conferencing app. It is the business-oriented version of Google’s Hangouts

iClicker Cloud
Use this interactive polling/classroom response tool in your courses or with your staff.

Instructional Classrooms
From flexible learning spaces to lecture-capture rooms, find the right space for your classroom.

Available to faculty and students, this platforms offers easy, adaptable video recording in classroom and personal settings.

Labs and Classrooms
Explore the computer and software offerings available in PNW’s on-campus labs and classrooms.

Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication
An added layer of security to log into Microsoft applications, such as Teams, Outlook, etc.

Microsoft Office 365 (OneDrive, OneNote, Word, PowerPoint)
Office 365 is an online cloud-based platform that uses your email to store files and media, provide collaborative opportunities and sync across devices.

MyPNW allows you to pay your bills, register for classes and find key forms and links all in one place.

MyPNWLife is the best place for students to connect with student organizations and campus events!

New Software Purchase
Request forms for new software and technology purchases.

Office of Instructional Technology
OIT supports innovative education for students through analysis and collaborative discussion to provide solutions that enhance instruction and increase efficiencies for student success and learning.

Students, faculty and staff all have a set budget each semester for printing documents on campus.

Purdue Login
A two-factor authentication system, Purdue Login significantly improves the security of protected computer systems and accounts by requiring two forms of verification before access is granted.

Available to faculty and staff, this powerful survey tool lets you create, distribute and track surveys that can be as simple or as complex as needed to meet your needs.

Recommended Computer Guidelines
To maintain high technology standards as well as high-level technical support, all staff/faculty computer purchases should follow these recommended computer hardware standards.

Recommended Testing Technology
Learn about Brightspace Quizzes and the Testing Center to explore exam options.

Resources for Staff Working Remotely
Explore tips and troubleshooting for working remotely.

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration platform from Microsoft that incorporates document management, sharing, editing and workflow as well as functions for wikis, blogs, personalization and more.

Software Center
Faculty and staff can use the Microsoft Software Center to self-service install software on Windows-based, PNW-owned computers managed by IS.

Storage (Google Drive, H:, R:)
Students, faculty and staff have remote/networked options for storing and accessing files.

Creating a virtual private network (VPN) lets a user “put” their home machine on the PNW network, allowing access to many of the same resources as your work or lab machine on campus.

We offer Wifi service across PNW’s campuses, including Eduroam, our log-in wifi service for students, faculty and staff, and a guest AT&T WiFi.

Zoom provides remote conferencing services that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration.