Explore selected papers, grant and study applications, and unpublished papers from Jonathan Kuhn, Associate Professor of Statistics at Purdue University Northwest.

Selected Papers

  • Schooley, A., Kuhn, J. and Strahm, C., Curriculum Evaluation Using Path Analysis, accepted November 2017, scheduled for publication November 2018 in Nurse Educator.
  • Isaac-Lam, M., Kuhn, J., Harwood, J. and Green, P., Monitoring in Vitro Response of Selenium-Treated Human Prostate Cells by 1H NMR Spectroscopy, by 2016. Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science 125(1): 1-18.
  • Kuhn, J., March. S. and Cotman, R., The Best and Worst of Dispositions: An Analysis of 30 Years of Juvenile Justice Data in La Porte County, Indiana; Child & Youth Care Forum, 46(3), 357-378, June 2016. DOI: 10.1007/s10566-016-9378-6
  • Schooley, A. and Kuhn, J. Early Indicators of NCLEX-RN Performance, Journal of Nursing Education,Volume 52, September 2014: 539-542
  • Kuhn, J., Warren, A., Maletta, D. and Branford, A., Local Grade Inflation and Local Proportion Withdrawals, Research in Higher Education Journal, Volume 15, December 2011:
  • Kuhn, J., Hasbargen, B., Miziniak, H., Online Pre-Test Discussion Groups to Augment Teaching, Computers in Nursing, June 2007
  • Kuhn, J., Graphing Calculator Programs For Instructional Data Diagnostics and Statistical Inference, Journal of Statistical Education, July 2003:
  • Kuhn, J., interactiveworkbook: LATEX-based interactive PDF on the Web,TUGboat, Volume 23, Number3/4, 2002:
  • Schwingendorf, K., McCabe, G., Kuhn, J., A Longitudinal Study of the C4L Calculus Reform Program: Comparisons of C4L and Traditional Students, CBMS Issues In Mathematical Education, 2000:
  • Kuhn, J. Using Technological Tools In The Administration Of Undergraduate Statistics Courses, 12th August, 1997 JSM’97 Conference:
  • Abebe, A., Cakmak, S., Cheah, P.K., Fraser, DA.S., Kuhn, J., Reid, N., Tapia, A. Third Order Asymptotic Model: Exponential And Location Type Approximations, Parisanknyan Samikkha, 2, 25-34, 1995:
  • Whittle, P. and Kuhn, J., Hamilitonian Formulation of Risk Sensitive Linear/Quadratic/Gaussian Control, Intr. J. Control, Vol 43, No. 1, 1-12,1986:
  • Kuhn, J., The Risk Sensitive Homing Problem, Journal of Applied Probability, 22, 796-803, 1985:
  • Kuhn, J., Hipel, K.W. and Fraser, N., A Coalition Analysis With Applications to the Zimbabwe Conflict, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Vol SMC-13, No. 3, May/June 1983:

Grant and Study Applications

  • involved in Felton, O., La Porte Hospital Grant Proposal For Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Statewide, Regional and Pilot Partnerships, 22 December 2001:
  • Kuhn, J., Development of Advanced Statistical Graphing Calculator Programs, Purdue Research Foundation Summer Faculty Grant Proposal, fall 2000:
  • Kuhn, J., Project Description For Career Grant Proposal 1999: Effective Distance Learning On The Internet, NSF Grant Proposal, July 1999:
  • Kuhn, J., Numerical Approximation For The P-Value, PRF Summer Faculty Grant Proposal, December 1998:
  • Kuhn, J. and Montgomery, A., Indiana Higher Education Telecommunications System Grant 1997: Interactive Use of the Internet For Statistics:
  • Kuhn, J., Statistical Study: Interactive Use of the Internet for Teaching Statistics, Application For Approval To Use Human Research Subjects, December 1998:

Unpublished Papers

  • Barnes, D., Kuhn, J. and Camp, J., Environmental Factors affecting the Settlement and Growth of the Freshwater Bryozoan, Fredericella Indica(Ectoprocta), In One Harbor of Southern Lake Michigan, 2005: bryozoan
  • Kuhn, J., Numerical approximation of the p-value for generalized linear models, August 2002: pfpaper25aug02
  • Kuhn, J., Internet Distance Learning On A Small Campus, August 2001: interactiveworkbook
  • Kuhn, J., An Interactive Workbook For Internet and Classroom Students, 1999: workbook
  • Kuhn, J. Parameter Forcing, 1997: pfpaper


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Statistics, 1994, University of Toronto, Canada.  toronto-phd
  • Master of Science, Operations Research, 1987, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. cambridge-msc
  • Master of Applied Science, Systems Design Engineering, 1982, University of Waterloo, Canada. waterloo-masc
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Systems Design Engineering, 1981, University of Waterloo, Canada. waterloo-basc