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Communication: Advertising

Communication, BA, Concentration: Advertising

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Program Intro

A career in Advertising can include creating entertainment media like music, TV and film. You might also develop brand recognition in the form of product placement, celebrity endorsements and corporate sponsorships for sporting events and award ceremonies.

Department of Communication and Creative Arts

By learning to apply practical skills like pitching media outlets to running an advertising campaign, you’ll be well qualified for positions in design studios, advertising firms, corporations and media companies.

Curriculum Overview

Our Advertising curriculum includes courses in public relations, radio/TV production, media theories and ethical issues around communication. You’ll also learn how to create ad campaigns from start to finish.

Your first year is an introduction to basic communication principles of speech, public relations and advertising.

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Sample Courses

  • COM 11400 – Fundamentals of Speech
  • COM 25300 – Introduction to PR
  • COM 25600 – Introduction to Advertising

Expand your knowledge with courses in media theory and visual communication.

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Sample Courses

  • COM 30900 – Visual Communication
  • COM 33000 – Media Theories

Get multimedia training with courses that teach you how to create ads for radio and television.

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Sample Courses

  • COM 33200 – Radio/TV Production
  • COM 43900 – Practicum in Radio/TV

Prepare for your career with courses that emphasize practical applications of the skills you’ve gained.

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Sample Courses

  • COM 42900 – Advertising Campaigns
  • COM 44300 – Advertising Media


Advertising combines images and ideas in catchy and compelling ways to attract attention and increase sales. Here at PNW, you’ll learn to create ads that inform, inspire and invite interactions with consumers.

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This program builds essential leadership and interviewing skills, as well as the confidence to communicate in a number of media.


Communication students can apply for:

For more information, contact department head Tom Roach.

Career Paths

This program prepares you for a range of careers, including:

  • Promotions/marketing manager
  • Advertising executive
  • Creative director


Our alumni are employed at TV stations, marketing firms, corporations and organizations like:

  • WGN
  • South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority
  • Digital Target Marketing

Being in a simulated ad agency and learning how to complete certain tasks with different groups of people prepared me to do the same thing in real life.

Anthony Colosimo, Jr., Account Executive at WGN-TV

Communication, Concentration: Advertising, 2016

Once I graduated, I landed my first job because my boss was impressed with the real-life knowledge I developed due to classes such as Campaign Ads and Advertising Management.

Sara Pingleton, Senior Social Media Strategist at Digital Target Marketing

Communication, Concentration: Advertising, 2011

Meet the Faculty

Mary Beth O'Connor

Mary Beth O’Connor, M.A.

Associate Professor of Communication

Mary Beth O’Connor teaches broadcasting and advertising courses and oversees both of those concentrations for the department. Additionally, she is the supervising producer for The Roundtable Perspective television show.

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