Faculty Senate Agenda April 10, 2020

April 8, 2020

Via Zoom

      1. Determination of quorum.

2. Call to order.

3. Approval of the agenda.

4. Approval of the minutes from March 13, 2020.

5. Remarks by the Senate Chair (T. Elmendorf).

6. Remarks by the Chancellor (T. Keon)

7. New Business: Curriculum documents and updates (Curriculum, L. Taylor).

8. Confirmation of actions taken by the Executive Committee in lieu of the Senate

at the March 13 meeting:

a.  Approval of the curriculum documents approved at the March 13 meeting.

b.  Approval of FSD 19-18, extending the drop deadline to April 24.

9.  New Business: Documents for action.

a. FSD 19-19 Revision of the Bylaws (Executive, T. Sindone)

b. FSD 19-20 Suspension of programs (Ed Policy, K. Scipes)

c. FSD 19-16 Proposal on the University budget (FAC – Budget Committee, O. Farook, G. Schultz)

10.  Discussion items.

a. Proposed Program Review procedure (GE&A, D. Pratt)

b. Waiver of testing requirements for admission (J. Colwell; Executive, T. Elmendorf)

c. FSD 19- 21 Addition of administrators to instructors’ Blackboard rosters.

d. The PNW Gen Ed Task Force (GE&A, D. Pratt)

e. Spring student evaluation of teaching (SAC, A. Sindone)

f. Audit of computer availability for students (SAC, A. Sindone)

g. Suspension of programs: discussion of the VCAA/Provost’s document.

h. FSD 19-22 Electronic Communication Policy (EPC/FAC, K. Scipes/ O. Farook)

Summer school

11.  Campaign statements from candidates for Vice-Chair Elect: D. Wilbur, L. Taylor, J. Davis, K. Scipes. (Random order determined by my calculator.)  Note: The election will take place by Qualtrix survey immediately after the meeting, with the survey closing two hours later.

12.  Remarks by the SGA President (O. White)

13.  Report of the University Senate/IFC representative (J. Pula).

14.  Open discussion (as time permits).

15.  Adjournment.

Committee room assignments: cyberspace.