FSD 20-24 Resolution to Replace FSD 18-16

April 2, 2021

FSD 20-24 Resolution to Replace FSD 18-16 Adoption of ranked choice voting for senate elections


Submitted to the Agenda Committee by L.Taylor:  3/22/2021

For Discussion:  4/09/2021


Whereas: FSD 18-16 was an anomaly without established precedent prior to 2019 when the candidate for Vice-Chair of the Senate in this election ran unopposed;

Whereas: In order to avoid confusion and complication in the selection of the Vice-Chair of the Senate, a single vote for an individual candidate is sufficient;

Whereas: No satisfactory reason has been presented for abrogating, changing, or overturning   a traditional Faculty Senate practice. Rank ordering candidates is not the same as voting directly for an individual;

Whereas: One vote has been standard practice according to either Robert’s Rules of Order or the Alice Sturgis, The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure;

Whereas: A senator could also call for a roll call of individual votes as stipulated in the Faculty Bylaws; Therefore,

Be It Resolved that The Nominations Committee of the Faculty Senate, in anticipation of the selection of the Vice Chair of the Senate, shall prepare an electronic ballot containing the names of all the nominees agreeing to be considered, with directions to cast a single (one) vote for the candidate of preference, as per Robert’s Rules of Order and the Sturgis guide. The candidate with the highest number of votes, or a simple majority, shall be declared the  winner;

Be it Further Resolved that the online platform, Zoom, in time of need, will be the means of conducting elections in real time, as well as providing secure electronic tallying of results so that announcement of the winner of the election shall be announced prior to the end of the ongoing Faculty Senate meeting in which the election is held.