Brand Guidelines for Student Organizations

Recognized student organizations are officially sanctioned by Purdue University Northwest. By virtue of their relationship with the university, recognized organizations are given access to use official university logos.

Showing Affiliation with Purdue University Northwest

Recognized student organizations should use the official university name or logos when communicating.

Organizations may brand merchandise and other communications with official marks so long as those marks are used in the manner prescribed by the university guidelines and all merchandise is purchased through licensed vendors.

When organizations use official marks to show affiliation with PNW, university marks must be separate and distinct from the organizations’ logos.

Organization Logos

Student organizations often develop logos to brand themselves and to differentiate themselves from other organizations.

Logos for student organizations must not include the official university lockup logo, monogram logo, lion, or other registered marks of the university. These marks are official branding marks and distinctive graphics for the university. As such, using them in organization logos presents brand confusion and affects the integrity and recognizability of the university’s logo.

No additional replica or alternative variations of the official logos or marks are allowed.

When producing logos, recognized student organizations may use the registered name “Purdue University Northwest,” “Purdue Northwest”, or “PNW” and official university colors. “Purdue NW” is not an approved reference for the university.

Type treatments used for the name “Purdue University Northwest” must be ostensibly different from the university wordmark. Do not use the typefaces found in the university art to typeset “Purdue University Northwest”, “Purdue Northwest” or “PNW” in organization logos.
Pantone colors 110 (Gold) and Black are available for use in organization logos. Visit the Brand Guidelines page for a full set of color codes for each official university color.

All student organization logos need to be reviewed and approved by the Office of Student Life prior to use.