Brand Guidelines

Our unified Purdue Northwest marks visually represent our university’s strong academic tradition and pride.

By consistently reproducing and communicating the visual identity of PNW, our staff, faculty, students, alumni, vendors, business partners and all other constituents can maintain our cohesive and distinctive university brand.

Official Colors of Purdue University Northwest

Primary Palette

Black and PNW Campus Gold are the official colors for Purdue University Northwest. It is very important to match these colors faithfully when reproducing the University marks. PNW marks should be used in the full color version whenever possible.

In addition to the primary palette, PNW marks also utilize white as a key support color.

Note: It is important to remember that the gold used by the department of athletics does not match the institutional gold. When using the athletics brand be sure to use PNW Athletic Gold (Pantone 7502c).

Official Color Standards for PNW. Black (in lieu of use *Pantone Black) Process Coated: 0c 0m 0y 100k Process Uncoated: 0c 0m 0y 100k RGB Equivalent: or og ob Madeira Thread: Black Hex Code: #000000 PNW Campus Gold (in lieu of use *Pantone 110c/7405U) Process Coated: 6c 17m 100y 12k Process Uncoated: 2c 22m 100y 12k RGB Equivalent: 177r 129g 11b Madeira Thread: #918-1980 Madeira Ployneon #40 Hex Code: #B1810B

Official Fonts

Primary Headline Typeface: Champion

Optimistic, driven and confident, Champion is a sans-serif typeface based on designs from posters promoting boxing matches. This typeface is most often used for headlines, short phrases and proofpoints. It comes in a variety of weights that may be used together in the same sentence.

Secondary Headline Typeface: Myriad Pro

With a classic yet fresh appearance, Myriad Pro should be used to communicate a broad range of subjects, especially when Champion is too strong or when a subtler or more sophisticated appearance is needed.

Introductory/Body Copy Typeface: Chaparral Pro

Sophisticated and friendly, Chaparral Pro is a serif typeface intended to balance the boldness of Champion and rigidity of Myriad. Use it for introductory copy and lengthy body copy.

Headline Substitute: Impact

Impact is acceptable when Champion is unavailable for headlines in presentations or documents. Please do not use lowercase letters from the Impact font family.

Body Copy Substitutes: Arial and Times New Roman

For the web, PowerPoint presentations and other documents, Arial may be used as a substitute for Myriad Pro, and Times New Roman may be used as a substitute for Chaparral Pro.

Where Can I Get These Fonts?

The official fonts listed above must be purchased and licensed to be used. For more information, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.

PNW Logos

PNW’s brand identity is summed up in the university’s official logos and seal. To properly represent and differentiate the university, it’s essential to follow official guidelines on logo sizes, placement and integrity.

Download PNW Logos

The PNW logo must be present on all university communications. These marks were designed to create a consistent brand for PNW and should not be changed or altered in any way. Having trouble downloading a logo? “Right-click” on the link, and click on “Save Link As…” or “Save Target As…”.

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Contact Us

Marketing and Communications

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