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Applied Statistics

Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics

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Program Intro

The applied statistics major is aimed at students who wish to pursue a career in statistics or related disciplines, including data analytics and data science. Statisticians are in high demand for data-based decision making in many areas such as the health care, sports and financial industries, environmental organizations, and local, state and federal agencies.

Department of Math and Statistics

Teamwork and communication of results are the key features of the Applied Statistics major at PNW. You will learn to critically evaluate a problem, apply the correct statistical techniques and software to analyze it. You’ll also learn to write project reports to communicate your results – an invaluable skill in a wide variety of careers.

Curriculum Overview

To graduate with a BS in Applied Statistics, you must complete a total of 120 credit hours of course work, with a minimum grade of C or better in each required statistics, mathematics, and computer science course in the degree program.

You can currently complete this degree at PNW’s Hammond campus.

Strong mathematical knowledge is required for success in the Applied Statistics program. Start taking courses that will build your foundation:

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Sample Courses

  • MA 16300 – Integrated Calculus Analysis Geometry I
  • MA 16400 – Integrated Calculus Analysis Geometry II
  • STAT 30100 – Elementary Statistical Methods


Develop your statistical computing skills and enrich your statistical knowledge by taking upper level statistics courses in your second year:

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Sample Courses

  • MA 26500 – Linear Algebra
  • STAT 34500 – Statistics
  • STAT 40001 – Statistical Computing
  • STAT 43000 – Applied Statistics

A variety of specialized topics in data science and statistical methods are introduced in your third year:

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Sample Courses

  • STAT 34600 – Probability and Statistics II
  • STAT 43100 – Design of Experiments
  • STAT 46600 – Time Series
  • STAT 46700 – Topics in Data Science

Complete a final applied statistical project, under the mentorship of a faculty member, in your final year:

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Sample Courses

  • STAT 46800 – Applied Multivariate Analysis
  • STAT 46900 – Senior Seminar in Statistics

Program Requirements

  • 120 Credit Hours
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0 required for graduation


Our program offers an environment that will contribute to your success in applied statistics: small classes taught by experienced, supportive faculty and flexible schedules. You will be involved in cutting-edge research projects with faculty in a wide variety of areas of statistics and data science.

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The BS in Applied Statistics degree will qualify you to continue with graduate studies in the area of Statistics/Data Science or begin a rewarding career. Statistics grads excel in a number of fields, including biostatistics, data science and environmental statistics.


In addition to the scholarships available through Financial Aid and the College of Engineering, the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science offers the following scholarships:


Beyond the Classroom

You’ll find plenty of opportunities to connect with faculty and peers in extracurricular activities, such as:

  • American Statistical Association
  • Data Science Association
  • Institute of Mathematical Statistics


Career Paths

There are a wealth of opportunities available to Applied Statistics grads, including:

  • Graduate study in statistics/data science
  • Applied statistician
  • Data scientist


Julia Yanes Barrera

All my professors know me and I know them. Anytime I needed help, they were super helpful. They adapted to each of us.

Meet the Faculty

Gokarna Aryal

Gokarna Aryal, Ph.D.

Professor of Statistics

Gokarna Aryal is a professor of statistics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. He teaches variety of statistics courses and enjoys working with students.

Harshini Fernando

Harshini Fernando, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Harshini Fernando is an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Her research and teaching focus on statistics.

Grethe Hystad, Ph.D.

Grethe Hystad, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Statistics

Grethe Hystad is an Associate Professor of Statistics. Her role is to teach and mentor students in statistics and to solve applied statistical research problems.

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