Find the resources you need to put in a request to Business Services for events, technology allowance, contracts, purchasing and more.

Business Forms

Alcohol Request Form

Service of alcoholic beverages at events held on Purdue Northwest Campuses (Hammond, Westville, Portage meeting facility and the Gabis Arboretum) must be authorized on a case-by-case basis.

PNW Drone Notification Form

The use of drones on PNW property requires the successful completion of this form and PNW approval.

Event Request Form – Hammond Campus

For requests relating to events taking place on PNW’s Hammond Campus.

Event Request Form – Westville Campus

For requests relating to events taking place on PNW’s Westville Campus.

PNW Quasi-Endownment Request Form

For requests relating to quasi-endowment investments.

PNW Technology Allowance Agreement Form

Purchasing Forms

Application and Cardholder Agreement

This form contains the application and agreement necessary to obtain a Purchasing Card.

Dual-Purpose Purchasing Card

This form is to be used to combine two current Purchasing cards (General Purchasing and a Hospitality card) into one card, enabling one card to accept both general purchases and hospitality charges.

Pcard Temporary Limit Increase

Most Pcard limits are set at $1000.00 per transaction and $2500.00 per cycle, if a temporary limit increase is desired please complete this form.

Reporting a Pcard Lost or Stolen

If your Pcard is believed to be lost or stolen, please complete this form.