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Incentive-Based Budget Model

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Requests for Finance & Business Services related Cognos Reports, U-Stores or Website Updates.

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Property Accounting

When a University Department decides they no longer have use for single or multiple items, all Purdue Northwest-owned property must follow proper disposal procedure for all excess.

Please contact Jessica Dean.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable (AP) is responsible for auditing and processing invoices and reimbursements for payment.





Send an email to and we will be happy to check a vendor’s current status for you.

A link to the Glacier software can be found here: Glacier. You may also reach out to the Glacier Administrator for Purdue University, Jane Coleman at

The Banking Verification Form is required when a new vendor/payee chooses to be paid via the ACH option or if the vendor/payee has a CHANGE to their banking information. The form is to be completed only by the department to verify the information was received directly from the vendor.

Only one invoice can be paid per DocuSign. However, if reimbursing an individual, multiple receipts may be attached to a single DocuSign.

Complete the DocuSign as a HELD check request indicating YES in the “Held Chk?” field, enter in the contact name (to send the held check to), campus and phone number or email address. Also, please allow a minimum of a two-week turn-around period to receive your check.

There are a couple of options available. You may try reaching out to the company and see if they are able to reprint a receipt. You may search back through emails to see if the possible receipt portion was included. Finally, as a last resort, you may fill out a certification for Missing Receipt Form

Our Accounts Payable 101 Training PowerPoint presentation is currently available on our website. The link to the training can be found here: Or, you may also schedule a personal training session by emailing: Accounts Payable offers training sessions on a semester basis, as well.

When a DocuSign shows as completed, it means that the signature approvals have been completed. Many factors are involved in making a payment. Some examples of these may include whether the vendor needs to be established as a new vendor, a change needs to be made to the vendor information, terms of payment/contract, and workflow approvals through Purdue University departments after being submitted by PNW Accounts Payable. Some delays outside of the Purdue System may include whether the recipient’s bank releases the payment or the recipient receives the notification of payment, depending upon payment type.

There are a couple of items to review. First, check the invoice terms to see if the invoice should have been paid by the current date. Next, check the DocuSign date to see when it was entered into the system. Then, check the DocuSign approval flow to see if it is completed.

After the above checks are completed, contact to have them review the payment progress and provide additional payment information.

No, this type of signature is NOT allowable on University forms. Since the vendor forms are legal documents for auditing purposes, the signature of all vendors must actually be written on the forms along with current dates. PNW has an obligation to adhere to strict IRS guidelines to protect our best interest and the best interest of our vendors.