Procurement and Auxiliary Services’ goal is to ensure that products and services that are purchased meet the needs of our faculty and staff while following university and state purchasing policies and guidelines.


How to order Under $10,000

Use ARIBA, Purdue’s electronic purchasing system to buy office supplies, computers, printers, toners, scientific materials or janitorial items.

List of commonly-used Ariba catalogs and items:

  1. Cannon IV- printers, toner and ink
  2. Dell Computers- computers and laptops
  3. GovConnection- IT peripherals, computer accessories and electronics
  4. Grainger- MRO (maintenance, repair and janitorial supplies)
  5. Graybar- electrical supplies
  6. Fisher Scientific- scientific materials and supplies
  7. HP Products Corp- janitorial supplies
  8. Office Depot- office supplies
  9. VWR Scientific Products Midwest- scientific materials and supplies

Note – All purchase orders generated through Ariba will state the appropriate shipping address and quote on the purchase order.

Vendor Commodity Groups
Bioline USA Inc Life Sciences
Bio-Rad Laboratories Life Science Group Life Sciences
Cannon IV Inc MFDs, Printers, Toner, Services
Carolina Biological Supply Co Lab chemicals/supplies
Cell Signaling Technology Antibodies, reagents
Dell Computer Corporation Higher Education Desktops, laptops, servers
Digi-Key Electronic components
Dot Scientific Inc Lab chemicals/supplies
Duncan Supply Co Inc HVAC, Refrigeration
Fastenal Co Laft Fasteners, Safety
Ferguson Enterprises Inc – Lafayette Plumbing supplies
Fisher Scientific Co LLC (plus Fisher Storerooms) Lab chemicals/supplies/equipment
GovConnection Inc dba Connection IT peripherals, Adobe
Grainger Maintenance, Repair
Graybar Electric Co Inc Electrical supplies
Henry Schein Inc Dental/Vet supplies
Hewlett Packard Co Government/Educational Sales Desktops, laptops, servers
HP Products Corp Janitorial Supplies
Indiana Oxygen Co Specialty Gases
Interline Brands Inc dba Supplyworks Maintenance, Repair
Kirby Risk Corp – Elecal/Indl Electrical/Industrial Supply Electrical supplies
Life Technologies Corporation A part of Fisher Sci
McMaster-Carr Supply Co Fasteners, pipe, etc.
Motion Industries Inc Mechanical parts
MSC Ind Supply Power tools
Newark Electronics Electronic components
Office Depot Office supplies
Qiagen Inc Life Sciences
R.B.S. Inc dba Graham Feed Company Salt
Roche Diagnostics Corp Applied Sciences Life Sciences
Sigma-Aldrich Corp Life Sciences
Takara Bio USA Inc fka Clontech Laboratories Inc Life Sciences
VWR Scientific Products Midwest Lab chemicals/supplies

How To Order Over $10,000

All orders for equipment, material and service $10,000.00 and over must be competitively bid through Purdue University Northwest Procurement Department.  Please complete one of the following Procurement Request Forms and a member of the Procurement department will contact you shortly.

Procurement Request for Material, Service and Equipment

Procurement Request for Vehicles/Heavy Equipment

*IMPORTANT NOTE: A purchase must not be artificially divided (split into two or more smaller purchases) to avoid solicitation requirements through competitive bidding by the Procurement Department. Purchasing authority will be revoked for individuals/requesters found to be non-compliant. In certain instances, purchases totaling less than $10,000 may be competitively bid by The Procurement Department if deemed beneficial to the university.

How To Dispose Of Departmental Purdue Property

When a University Department decides they no longer have use for single or multiple items, all Purdue Northwest-owned property must follow proper disposal procedure for all excess.

Please contact Jessica Dean.

New PO Supplier Requests

PNW maintains a large database of PO suppliers across multiple commodities. Departments are encouraged to use existing suppliers whenever possible. However, if a new Ariba supplier is required, please contact procurement@pnw.edu.

Purchasing Cards “Pcards”

Some small-value merchandise for orders $1000.00 or less is not available through Ariba. Purdue University has contracted with JP Morgan Chase to offer an efficient, cost-effective method of purchasing and paying for smaller dollar, non-repetitive transactions within established procurement guidelines to conduct university business through Pcard.

The Purchasing Card is NOT intended to avoid or circumvent the appropriate procurement or payment procedures, to be used as a travel card, or for personal use.

Request for Purchasing Cards

  • Purchasing cards are issued to individual employees who frequently purchase goods and services on behalf of the university.
  • The Pcard will have the employee’s name, the University name and the expiration date.
  • The issuing bank will not have individual cardholder information other than the cardholder’s work address.
  • No credit records or other information of the cardholder is maintained.
  • Purchasing cards can be issued for a department but an individual must be identified as the responsible owner of the physical card.
  • The purchasing card will have the department’s name, the University name and the expiration date.
  • Department cards relinquish the liability coverage provided by the bank.
  • Department cards must have a sign-out procedure established within the department.
  • Procurement Card Services reserves the right to decline an application and/or adjust requested dollar limits.

How To Obtain A Card

  • Complete and sign the PNW – Purchasing Cardholder Agreement/Application in DocuSign.
  • The agreement form requires the signature of the department business manager. They will provide the business justification and request the dollar limits and transaction limits for the card.
  • Once approved by the Business Manager, the form will be sent to the Procurement Coordinator for processing.

Most Departmental Pcard limits are set at $1000.00 per transaction and $1000.00 per cycle. If a temporary limit increase is desired please complete the Pcard Temporary Limit Increase Form (cycle limits cannot exceed $3000.00 for departmental Pcards) in our form section.

*Due to COVID-19, departmental and named Pcard limits may vary.

How To Close/Make Changes To A Card

  • Complete and sign the PNW – Request for change to Purchasing Card # in DocuSign.
  • The form requires the signature of the department business manager.
  • Once approved by the Business Manager, the form will be sent to the Procurement Coordinator for processing.

Forms and Manual

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