From maintenance requests to developing new, state-of-the-art buildings, we provide services that support PNW’s commitment to excellence.

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Work Order Requests
Submit a work order for maintenance, repairs, change in room temperature, Building Services requests and more!

Facilities Renovation Project
If your department has a construction need, you should start the process by contacting Space Management, Planning and Design.

Request a Relocation
Need to request an office relocation? Our guidelines will streamline the preparation, move-in and resettling process.

Reserve a Designated Assembly Area
Request from Organization or Group to Reserve Designated Assembly Area

Key Requests
If you need a key for particular building or room access, please find our form and begin the process.

Parking Forms

Parking Access Permit Application
Need a parking permit? Fill out this form for to receive access.

PNW Parking Waiver Request Form
If you have a valid reason to cancel your participation in the PNW parking program, submit that here.

Vehicle Left on Campus Form
If a vehicle is going to be left on campus for an extended period of time, please fill out this form to notify our staff.