From maintenance requests to developing new, state-of-the-art buildings, we provide services that support PNW’s commitment to excellence.

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Work Order Requests
Submit a work order for maintenance, repairs, change in room temperature, Building Services requests and more!

Key Requests
If you need a key for particular building or room access, please find our form and begin the process.

Facilities Renovation Project
If your department has a construction need, you should start the process by contacting Space Management, Planning and Design.

Mail Services
Mail services is designed to deliver U.S. mail and campus mail to all departments and staff members.

Move Requests & Relocations
Need to request an office relocation? Our guidelines will streamline the preparation, move-in and resettling process.

PNW ID Cards
Please contact Facilities Services to get your Purdue Northwest photo ID card. ID cards are issued to employees for uses including campus fitness and recreation, campus libraries and even functioning as an office/building key.

Reserve a Designated Assembly Area
Request from Organization or Group to Reserve Designated Assembly Area

Signage Request
If you need new signage or updates to existing signage, please fill out this request form to start the process.

Parking Forms

Parking Access Permit Application
Need a parking permit? Fill out this form for to receive access.

PNW Parking Waiver Request Form
If you have a valid reason to cancel your participation in the PNW parking program, submit that here.

Vehicle Left on Campus Form
If a vehicle is going to be left on campus for an extended period of time, please fill out this form to notify our staff.