Summer Financial Aid

Financial aid information to assist you with aid options and action steps for summer 2024 classes.

Your summer 2024 financial aid is calculated by the Office of Financial Aid if all of the following are true:

  1. You have completed your 2023-24 FAFSA and listed the Purdue Northwest school code 001827
    • If you haven’t yet completed your FAFSA visit How to Apply
  2. You have provided us with all documents needed to complete your financial aid file
  3. You are admitted as a Purdue Northwest degree-seeking student
  4. You are meeting financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements
  5. You have not exhausted your financial aid eligibility during the fall and spring semesters either at Purdue Northwest and/or another institution
  6. You are registered for the summer term

Action Steps

Make sure you have completed the following items in preparation for summer 2024:

  • Make payment arrangements for your account balance not covered by financial aid
  • Check your financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress status for summer in May after spring grades have posted.  If your status changes to ineligible, you are responsible for payment and your financial aid will be cancelled. Students with extenuating circumstances may appeal an ineligible status. 
  • Eligible students should watch for the following:
    • A message regarding your summer award status
    • An email sent to your PNW email account
    • Award(s) posted to your account
      • If offered, accept or decline your summer Federal Direct Loans and/or Federal Work Study
    • Messages and awards can be viewed in Student Self-Service via myPNW

Awarding Process

  1. Federal Pell Grant and Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant is automatically awarded to eligible students.
  2. Students ineligible for summer aid are notified via PNW email and will receive a message in Student Self-Service.
  3. Students with a May start date and who have a financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress status of “warning”, “probationary”, or “ineligible” will not receive aid until after spring 2024 grades are posted and their Satisfactory Academic Progress status is updated to an eligible status. Students with a June or July start date must have a satisfactory status to receive financial aid.
  4. IMPORTANT! The summer term is comprised of several modules in varying lengths. Financial Aid reviews a student’s aid eligibility at three points in time: May 13, June 10, and July 8 for most summer classes*.
  • Your Federal Pell grant and other summer financial aid will be revised based on your enrollment until July 8, 2024 (summer financial aid census).
  • Enroll in the desired number of credit hours prior to July 8 and notify the Registrar, Bursar’s Office and Financial Aid of any summer enrollment changes. The Office of Financial Aid will not adjust your aid for summer classes added after this date.

Summer 2024 Disbursement Schedule

Federal Direct Stafford and PLUS loans for summer class terms will be paid in two disbursements based on your summer enrollment. If you are in more than one term for summer, your disbursement schedule is based on the combined terms. Terms S1, S4, S10, SA1, and SA4 end before the second disbursement date*. Visit the Bursar’s Office Payment Options webpage for payment methods.

15/13 - 8/25/86/26
S15/13 - 6/75/86/26
S26/10 - 8/26/56/26
S36/10 - 7/56/56/26
S45/13 - 6/215/86/26
S56/24 - 8/26/196/26
S67/8 - 8/27/37/22
S75/13 - 7/55/86/26
S105/13 - 6/145/86/26
S115/13 - 7/265/86/26
S135/13 - 7/125/86/26
SA15/10 - 6/65/86/26
SA26/1 - 6/295/276/26
SA36/24 - 7/206/196/26
SA45/24 - 6/85/176/26

*Executive MBA and online nursing programs excluded, please refer to the course offerings for these programs.

Types of Summer 2024 Financial Aid

  • Federal Pell Grant – automatically awarded to eligible students
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) – awarded to students with exceptional financial need who are also paid Federal Pell Grant
    • Awards are dependent upon fund availability
  • Children of Veterans and Public Safety Officers Grant Program (CDO) – automatically awarded to eligible students
  • 21ST Century Scholars and Frank O’Bannon Grant – automatically awarded to eligible students if have remaining eligibility
    • Students who have completed 30 credit hours in fall and spring and who are enrolled in at least 6 credit hours for summer may have ‘Fast Track’ eligibility, contact the Office of Financial Aid for details
  • Federal Direct Loans – undergraduate students who are enrolled in at least 6 credit hours for summer and who have remaining eligibility will be offered a Federal Direct Loan for summer
    • If offered both a subsidized and unsubsidized, accept the subsidized loan first
    • Graduate students must be enrolled in at least 4 credit hours for summer
    • Students should accept or decline their Federal Direct Loans
  • Federal PLUS (Parent Loan for Dependent Undergraduate Students) and Federal Grad PLUS (for Graduate Students)
  • Go to Federal Student Aid and click on the Parent tab
    • Parent of a dependent undergrad student must complete a PLUS loan application and Master Promissory Note (MPN) in order to receive these funds for summer.
    • Undergraduate students must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours for summer
    • Graduate students must complete the PLUS loan application and MPN in order to receive these funds for summer

Scholarships – a limited amount of institutional and donor-funded scholarships may be available; if eligible, you will be awarded.

External Scholarships Opportunities – some external scholarships are available in the summer.

Private Loans – see the Private Loans tab on the Loans webpage.