CMS Guide

This section of the website provides information, support and resources for users of the PNW content management system (CMS).

Make a Web Edit Request

Web Editor Best Practices Review


mStoner “Writing for the Web” Workshop
This recorded webinar offers a high-level introduction to web-content strategy, best practices and accessibility. It’s great to review and refer to as you develop content.

mStoner Web Editor Training
This recorded webinar shares how web editors can access and update the PNW website, from logging in to submitting news and events.

Accessibility Services
Looking for training on how to make your documents accessible? PNW’s accessibility guide has helpful resources.

PNW Web Governance
See the official governance for, covering everything from user roles to review cycles.

Personal Faculty Pages
Housed on the reputable .edu domain, personal faculty websites offer the opportunity to list professional achievements and provide contact information.