People are at the core of PNW and these listings help build connections with current and prospective students, alumni and donors, as well as establish our expertise inside and outside the university.

Staff Listings vs. Staff Bios

For most PNW staff members, a standard listing with the individual’s photo, name, title and contact information is sufficient for building connections across the university.

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For faculty and key staff members in key public-facing roles, though, a more comprehensive biography reinforces the university brand, supporting engagement from prospective students, professional peers or members of the media.

Expanded bios are recommended for:

  • Faculty
  • Senior Leadership Team Members
  • Division/Department Heads with a Prominent Public-Facing Role
  • Admissions Counselors
  • Advisors

Creating an Expanded Bio

Rather than serving as a comprehensive CV, a website bio offers an approachable, editorial summary of your education, work, expertise, awards and accomplishments. Aimed primarily at prospective students, this flexible format underscores PNW’s expertise while conveying our passion for helping students realize their potential!

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