Programming the future: Meet 2022 PNW graduate Mya Dixon

November 30, 2022
Mya Dixon

A trip to the library to research careers pointed Mya Dixon, ’22, towards the field of computer science and information systems. The Lansing, Illinois, native is scheduled to graduate this December from Purdue University Northwest (PNW) with a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems with a concentration in Management from the College of Business and a minor in Computer Science from the College of Engineering and Sciences.

A four-year member of PNW’s Honors College, Dixon served on the community service committee and as a peer mentor for incoming freshman. She participated in several Intramural activities including dodgeball, volleyball and flag football and also worked as a teaching assistant during her time at PNW.

Dixon gained valuable experience in her field of study as a human resources intern at United Parcel Service in Hodgkins, Illinois, and a systems programmer intern at Carl Buddig & Company in Homewood, Illinois. After graduation, Dixon is hoping to stay on at Carl Buddig & Company as a junior systems programmer.

How did you become interested in information systems?

“I was always interested in math and science and was actually thinking about being a doctor. During my senior year in high school, I went to the library to look at career books and decided I didn’t want to spend eight years studying medicine. That’s when I found computer science and technology – it was a four-year degree, had good benefits and was a growing industry.

I started PNW as a computer science major. I was taking classes in business when I realized I enjoyed the business side of the technology field. Computer science was more coding, however, I enjoyed web design and looking into how businesses use programming. So, I switched my major in my second year but kept computer science as a minor.”

Why did you choose PNW and what do you like most about attending the university?

“I chose PNW because when I looked up top schools in the area for technology, PNW came up. I wanted to stay close to home but wanted a degree from a good university.

I liked that the campus had a great community feel and was welcoming. I was able to meet other students and form study groups which got me through my college years. The classes were small enough that I was able to get to know my professors, ask them questions and talk to them after class. I loved the feeling of community everyone had and really liked all that PNW had to offer.”

Did you face any challenges while attending PNW?

“The challenge was getting used to and adapting to college life. Going from high school to college meant adjusting to a block schedule, staying on top of your homework, making sure everything is done in a timely matter and doing homework even though the professor says it’s not graded was all a big adjustment.

I didn’t think I could handle a full load of classes in my first year here. It wasn’t until I started talking to other people that I was able to gain the confidence to take more credit hours a semester.”

What words of advice would you share with prospective students looking to attend PNW?

“Get involved. It’s so important to get involved because it helps build a community for yourself. It creates a network for you. Networking is important not just for trying to get a job but it helps to have a group of friends to talk to, study with and spend your breaks with when you have nothing to do.”

Was there anyone at PNW who inspired or encouraged you along the way?

Image of Debbie Bachmann.

Debbie Bachmann, Administrator of Honors Student Leadership and Programming

“I could always go to Debbie with questions or just to talk. She was always nice and open to any questions I had.”

Anna Kent, former Academic Advisor, College of Business

“Anna was always encouraging and helped point me in the right direction when I was struggling.”

Megan Granados

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