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2023 Speakers

Plenary Speaker

Photo of Gnaneswar Gude.

Veera Gnaneswar Gude, Ph.D.

NiSource-Meyer Charitable Foundation Professor of Energy and the Environment
Director, PNW Water Institute

“Valuing Water for Sustainable Future”

Keynote Speaker

Deirdre Mask


“The Address Book: What Street Addresses Reveal about Identity, Race, Wealth, and Power”

Event Photos

Overview of Alumni Hall during the Days of Discovery.
Jovial professor conversing with student researchers.
Student presenting research poster.
Two students flanking their research poster proudly.
Overview of Alumni Hall and Days of Discovery visitors.
Faculty members discussing.
Student presenting research poster to another student.
Keynote speaker Deidre Mask addressing the crowd.
Student presenting research poster.
Student presenting research poster to students.

2023 Presenter List

Presenter(s)TitlePoster / OralCollegeFaculty Mentor
Christabel Rogalin, Ph.D., Cheryl DeLeon, Ph.D.“She’s a Good Mom because She Left Her Job”: Perceptions of (Working) MothersPosterCHESS
Gokarna Aryal, Ph.D.Scouting the Choice of Probability Distributions to Facilitate Stock ReturnsPosterCES
Grant Thivierge, Ph.D.Effects of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction on Anxiety and Autonomic Regulation of Blood PressurePosterCES
Kayla ThompsonCIT-U: Adapting the Crisis Intervention Team Model for Campus Police DepartmentsPosterCHESSAmanda Zelechoski, Ph.D.
Madison KegleyEffects of Family CaregiversPosterCONDeborah Lazzara, Ph.D.
Paul McGrath, Ph.D., Paolo Miranda, Ph.D.Mortgage Foreclosures in the US and IndianaPosterCHESS, COB
Amanda Zelechoski, Ph.D., Kayla ThompsonProject LISTEN: Using Narrative Interview to Assess Trauma in Justice-Involved YouthOral CHESS
Chandana DarapaneniUnleashing the Potential of Digital Twins in Engineering Education: A Web-Based Prototype ApproachOral COTLash Mapa, Ph.D.
Cristina CabascangoDevelopment of a Coral Reef Restoration Training SimulatorOral CESChenn Zhou, Ph.D.
John RosserDevelopment of a Material Flow Model for Pellet Feed SystemsOral CESChenn Zhou, Ph.D.
Kale WilkHow Public Media Navigate an Increasingly Competitive and Digitalized Landscape: A Brief Case Study of German Public Media Corporation ARDOral CHESSLee Artz, Ph.D.
Miranda CreedParental Perceptions of Child Social Media Use Oral CHESSGisele Casanova, Ph.D.
Nicholas Harrison, Peyton Kellinger, Daniel Kerrick, Waleed AlqarniBuilding a Solar-Powered Electric VehicleOral CESHansung Kim, Ph.D.
Nicolae Tarfulea, Ph.D., Magesh Chandramouli, Ph.D.Using Computational and Visual Tools to Basic Algebra LearningOral CES
Rhon Teruelle, Ph.D.Police Whistleblowers, The Lamplighter Project and Twitter: The Use of Social Media to Expose Misconduct and Corruption in American Law Enforcement..Oral CHESS
Shiyan Lowe, Joel GaudioNeuropsychological Effects Due to Exposure to Metal FumesOral CESJonathan Kuhn, Ph.D.
Yulong Fan, Jieying ChenMachine Learning Enhanced 3D Scanning Using LiDAR Oral CESShuhui Yang, Ph.D.
Yun Liu, Ph.D.Measurement of Solar Irradiance With a High Altitude Balloon PlatformOral CES
Abduaziz AltalibDesign of Oxy-Hydrogen Combustion in a Reheating FurnacePosterCES
Aidan DunleavyGeneralization Of Exponential Distribution Using Cubic Rank Transmutation MapPosterCESGokarna Aryal, Ph.D.
Aidan DunleavyMathematical Analysis of Coalition Splitting-A Markovian Differential Game ApproachPosterCESWeihua Ruan, Ph.D.
Aileen Sarahi FernandezPathophysiology of URI’s PosterCON, HonorsAileen Sarahi Fernandez, Ph.D.
AJ TogbeApplications of Differential EquationsPosterCES, HonorsNicolae Tarfulea, Ph.D.
Alberto RamirezAnother Way Out: Examining Established and Alternative Treatments for Alcohol Dependence and Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome PosterCHESSRobert Hallock, Ph.D.
Aleeha Zafar, Xibin ZhouEnhancing the Digital Twin Software of a Continuous CasterPosterCESChenn Zhou, Ph.D.
Alejandra HerreraDistinguishing Between Language and Overall LearningPosterCHESSAlejandra Mylene Herrera, Ph.D.
Alexander QuiltyPCB Senior Design Project for ExercisePosterCESLi-Zhe Tan, Ph.D.
Alexander StinnettComparisons of RISC Instruction Set ArchitecturePosterCES, HonorsQuamar Niyaz, Ph.D.
Amanda Beristain, Alexander VrbanoffBecoming Teacher-Writiers: Study of Teachers as Composers & ResearchersPosterCHESSRussell Mayo, Ph.D.
Andrew JohnsenThe Applications of MicrocontrollersPosterCESDave Kozel, Ph.D.
Andrew Viater, Brian Butler, Josue GutierrezUse of Additive manufacturing Techniques and Microcontrollers to Create Simulation Hardware ControlsPosterCESKyle A Toth
Anurag KarambelkarProductivity Increase and Decarbonization in a Hydrogen Fueled Reheating FurnacePosterCESChenn Zhou, Ph.D.
Aranza Leon, Lovell Williams, Marcel McCormick, Luke CameranoMachine Learning-based GPS Jamming Detection with Applications to Unmanned Aerial VehiclesPosterCESKhair A Al Shamaileh, Ph.D.
Brandt FraserQuark Gluon DiscriminabilityPosterCESJames W Dolen, Ph.D.
Brittney VroomConceptual Model of Ocean Circulation and Biogeochemistry to Illustrate DeoxygenationPosterCESDaniel Suson, Ph.D.
Brooke CornettJoin an InternshipPosterCHESS, HonorsKimberly Brunt, Ph.D.
Brooklyn FigueroaHow To Improve E-Learning For Nursing StudentsPosterCONJanet Garwood, Ph.D.
Carin Chuang, Ph.D., Kuan Chen, Ph.D.Using Importance and Performance Analysis to Evaluate Service-Learning ProjectPosterCOB
Casie Cordova, Joan GinerDesign, Build, and Test an Aerofoil Archimedes Wind TurbinePosterCESXiuling Wang, Ph.D.
Cassidy ClayDual Sensory Disabilities in HealthcarePosterCON, HonorsDeborah Lazzara, Ph.D.
Chad JamrockImage RendererPosterCES, HonorsRoger Kraft, Ph.D.
Cheryl Munchenburg12 Principles of Animation AppPosterCOTMagesh Chandramoul, Ph.D.
Christopher Rasmussen, Michael MedranoAnalysis of Phytocannabinoid Effects on Macrophage Cytokine SecretionPosterCESRadmila Stanic, Ph.D.
Cindy Lin, Binge Stream Time TrackerPosterCOT, HonorsMichael Roller, Ph.D.
Collin RobertsSimulations of Fluid Power using MATLABPosterCOTAlireza Alavizadeh, Ph.D.
Connor SheridanSupport Reactions of a Uniformly Loaded CranePosterCES, HonorsKimia Mortezaei, Ph.D.
Daniela Demko, Foivi TriantafyllouAccumulation of Senescence in Nicrophorus orbicollisPosterCES, HonorsCurtis Creighton, Ph.D.
David Detmer, Ph.D.Four Values: Criticism and the Demand For Evidence, Responsibility, Creation, And GenerosityPosterCHESS
Destiny WellsChimeric Antigen Receptor Therapy: A New Therapy for Cancer TreatmentPosterCES, HonorsMichael I Zimmer, Ph.D.
EdinenidoAbasi James, Derrick DudleyDesign of Heat Transfer in a Gas-Stirred Ladle FurnacePosterCESXipeng Guo, Ph.D.
Eileen Martinez, Kyle BurchBioinformatic Analysis of Genetic, Chemical, and Pathway Similarities Between Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s DiseasePosterCESScott Bates, Ph.D.
Elijah WalkerQuantifying Foster Primate-to-primate Programs as a Meaningful Means of Conservation for Indonesian OrangutansPosterCES, CHESSChristina Ragan, Ph.D.
Elise GarciaThe Underrepresentation of Latinas in The Field of Criminal Justice: Patterns of Institutionalized InequalityPosterCHESSCezara Crisan, Ph.D.
Ernest Talarico, Ph.D., Jose Mas, Ph.D.A Comprehensive Anatomical Characterization and Radiographic Study of Stage III Testicular Cancer in a 31-Year-Old Male PatientPosterCES
Esperanza MorenoAdversities Women of Color Face in the Work Environment PosterHonorsCheryl DeLeon , Ph.D.
Ethan DiFioreBuilding Information ModelingPosterCOTDon Duncan, Ph.D.
Ezra Mutai, Ph.D., Blanca Del Rio, Ph.D.Community Health Promotion and Screening in Northwest IndianaPosterCES, COB
Ge Jin, Ph.D., Maged Mikhail, Ph.D.The Virtual Reality and Virtualization Technology Innovation for Cybersecurity Integrated Advanced Manufacturing EducationPosterCOT
Giselle IniguezBracero Program and Family Disruption PosterCHESSWendy St. Jean , Ph.D.
Grace MumaughBurnout in NursingPosterCON, HonorsMary Ann Moell, Ph.D.
Grace MumaughNursing BurnoutPosterCON, HonorsMary Moell, Ph.D.
Grey RuizPredicting Students’ Emotional Reactions and Academic PerformancePosterHonorsDavid Nalbone , Ph.D.
Grey RuizThe Paradox of ChoicePosterCHESS, HonorsDavid Nalbone , Ph.D.
Guanhua Zhu, Xibin ZhouBearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Sparse Wavelet Decomposition and Sparse Graph Connection Using GraphSAGEPosterCESLizhe Tan, Ph.D.
Harbir AujlaLinear Algebra: Matrices & Vector Matrices Applications PosterCES, HonorsAlain Togbe, Ph.D.
Isabel KochanekBias in Forensic GeneticsPosterCESChristian Westring, Ph.D.
Jadon HearnsMicroglia Pursuit in Alzheimer’s Disease PosterCES,HonorsMichael I Zimmer, Ph.D.
Jamie Heemin AnThe Effect of Cognitive Behavioral Couple Therapy on U.S. and South Korean Couples Experiencing Intimate Partner ViolencePosterCHESSChristopher K Belous, Ph.D.
Jesus GonzalezThe PN JunctionPosterHonorsKhair Al Shamaileh, Ph.D.
Jillian AlmanzaScreen AddictionPosterCHESS, HonorsDebra Pratt, Ph.D.
Joanna Mendoza, Juan Salgado , Jack Gutierrez , Aaron GonzalezRetrofitting a Plasma Cutter PosterCOTJames Higley , Ph.D.
Joel GaudioThe Effects of Certain Metals on Your Body and BrainPosterCESJonathan Kuhn, Ph.D.
Jonathan Del RealLiving Life with Down SyndromePosterCHESS, HonorsGeoff Schultz, Ph.D.
Joseph Ignatuk, Steven Mayersky, Eveen Haddad, Aidan Dunleavy, Matthew Bauman, Ph.D.The Rise of Better-for-You (BFY) Wines: Exploring Younger Consumers’ Perceptions and Motivations Toward BFY Wines to Address Their Declining Participation in the Wine CategoryPosterOtherMatthew Bauman, Ph.D.
Joshua Kirksey, Derrico Hunter, Patrick ShulteTri-axial Sensing Data Acquisition Interface Design for Machine Learning Based Rotating Machine Fault DetectionPosterCESLizhe Tan, Ph.D.
Kaela MeyerThe Impact of Institutional Betrayal and Trauma on Romantic Relationships through a lens of STAIR Narrative TherapyPosterCHESSMia Griggs, Ph.D.
Kathleen Mayo, Luke JorgensenEnvironmental Humanities Efforts PosterCES, CHESSMita Choudhury, Ph.D.
Kristian CollinsFluid Mechanics Buoyancy PosterCES
Kyle TothResearch at the Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation (CIVS)PosterCES
Kylie ClayInclusivity in the ClassroomPosterHonorsAmanda Passmore, Ph.D.
Langston StallingDetection of Lead in Water Using Polyacrylamide (Orbeez) and Agarose GelPosterCESKathryn Rowberg, Ph.D.
LaToyra JonesTBDPosterCON
Leah PelozaA Proper "Diet"PosterCON, HonorsTisa Ross, Ph.D.
Lexis RollinsMachine learning PosterCES, HonorsCynthia Zdanczyk, Ph.D.
Luke JorgensenScientific Writing: Environmental Public HealthPosterCES, CHESSMita Choudhury, Ph.D.
Mackenzie MacRoberts, Brinley HeftyInvestigating the Impact of Chemical Straighteners and Relaxers on Women's Health: Exploring the Pathological Mechanisms of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in Hair Products, with a Focus on Health DisparitiesPosterCESFarai Gombedza, Ph.D.
Madeline KartzMountain Bike SuspensionPosterHonorsKimia Mortezaei, Ph.D.
Madison ElizondoThe Importance and Effectiveness of Health Assessments on Patient Care PosterCON, HonorsKelly Herbert, Ph.D.
Maged Mikhail, Ph.D., Sayanti Roy, Ph.D.Effectiveness of Speech Recognition in Human Robot InteractionPosterCOT
Maged Mikhail, Ph.D., Sayanti Roy, Ph.D.Robot Human Interaction PosterCOT
Magesh Chandramouli, Ph.D.Prototype Study to Investigate the use of Virtual & Augmented Reality for Simulated Training and Operation for Specialized Process Equipment (SPE)PosterCOT
Mark Zyskowski, Tim DuganSolar Powered Battery ChargerPosterCES
Matt Nahnsen, Jose Jimenez, Vincent MabunayDevelopment of a Mixed Reality Fire Safety SimulatorPosterCESChenn Zhou, Ph.D.
Mervyn MedidiCarbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer for Strengthening Steel Plate BondPosterCESAkram Jawdhari, Ph.D.
Mialauni Griggs-Holke, Ph.D.Examining the Impact of Historical Trauma on African American Romantic DyadsPosterCHESS
Michael Borg, Asma Parveen Abdul Majeeth, Daniel BahenaAutomation in Agriculture: Project TRAVERSE Pt. 2PosterCOTMaged Mikhail , Ph.D.
Migdalia SantosUsing Joy and Pleasure to Treat Childhood Trauma in the BIPOC CommunityPosterCHESSChristopher Belous, Ph.D.
Mingqian WangInvestigation of Argon Bubble Injection in Continuous CastingPosterCESChenn Zhou, Ph.D.
Misbahuddin Husaini SyedEfficient Modeling of Induction Heating for Steel Slabs: A Harmonic Balance Approach to Magnetic Vector Potential SimulationPosterCESChenn Zhou, Ph.D.
Mohammad NayfehMachine Learning Modeling of GPS Features with Applications to UAV Location Spoofing Detection and ClassificationPosterCESKhair Al Shamaileh, Ph.D.
Molly BowlerThe Upbringing of Psychiatric NursingPosterCON, HonorsJamie Kozel, Ph.D.
Morgan Hamilton, Matthew Wirth, Fortunato MazzottaSupersonic Combustion for Scramjet (Hypersonic)PosterCESYun Liu, Ph.D.
Natalie Deel Public Health InformaticsPosterCESHassan Naji, Ph.D.
Neel BusaA CFD Study of the Melting Process of HBI/DRI Scrap in an AC Electric Arc FurnacePosterCESChenn Zhou, Ph.D.
Ninad PatilSpray Overlap and Heat Transfer Coefficient Uniformity in the Continuous CastingPosterCESChenn Zhou, Ph.D.
Olivia McLeodIntimate partnership and the gender spectrum: A review of gender exploration within queer couplesPosterCHESSChristopher K Belous, Ph.D.
Omeed Ilchi, Ph.D., Shamma Hickling, Ph.D., James Frank, Ph.D.,Citizen Willingness to Hold a Police Officer Criminally Responsible for the Use of Deadly Force: Examining the Correlates of Finding GuiltPosterCHESS
Orlando OrtegaContrasting Colonial and Post-Modern Chicano/as of La Virgen de GuadalupePosterCHESS, HonorsHerlinda Ramirez-Barradas, Ph.D.
Parker ManningDo Increases in Minimum Wage Increase Prices?PosterCOBPaul McGrath, Ph.D.
Pat Obi, Ph.D.An Event Study on the Reactions of Equity and Commodity Markets to the Russia-Ukraine ConflictPosterCOB
Paul Chaffins, Zachary JaegerStacked Coaxial Vertical Axis Wind TurbinesPosterCESDr.Yun Liu, Ph.D.
Pavan VemulaA CFD Study of the Impact of Slag on the Refining Stage of the EAF OperationPosterCESChenn Zhou, Ph.D.
Qingyun Pu, Shiyu WangDevelopment of Data Access and Visualization Modules for a Continuous Casting Digital TwinPosterCESChenn Zhou, Ph.D.
Rashed Al ManasirMetallurgical Length Prediction in Continuous CastingPosterCESChenn Zhou, Ph.D.
Raul GarciaStudies of Chlorine, Phosphate, and Nitrogen Contamination in Water WellsPosterCESDawit Gizachew, Ph.D.
Ravi SinghalFrom Reactive to Proactive: Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict and Mitigate Workplace HazardsPosterCESChenn Zhou, Ph.D.
Reagan BishopDecentering and Autonomic Regulation of Blood PressurePosterCESJohn Durocher, Ph.D.
Richard KichoThe Uses of Music Therapy in the Treatment of Anxiety in College StudentsPosterHonors
Robert MarcianoHealth Insurance: A Consumers Rights & ResponsibilitiesPosterHonorsHassan Naji, Ph.D.
Roman WattsThe Evolution of Student Engagement with Diversity and Equity at Purdue Northwest PosterOtherChris Holford, Laura Odom, Ph.D.
Sai Laya MallineniHazard Recognition Scenario BuilderPosterCESKyle A Toth, Ph.D.
Sakinh IbrahimHow The Scene Of Professional Ethics Have Changed With The Advent of Social MediaPosterCOBHoon Lee, Ph.D.
Sakinh IbrahimThe Changing Ethical Landscape for Professionals in the Age of Social MediaPosterCOBHoon Lee, Ph.D.
Sarah RosserSurvival Behaviors in the Bacteria Serratia MarcescensPosterCESMichael I. Zimmer, Ph.D.
Sarath Kumar KoppakuDeveloping an Alert System to Communicate a Damage or Impact Response on a BridgePosterCOTAfshin Zahraee, Ph.D.
Savannah DeBoer, Miranda CreedMotor Control & The Pain PathwayPosterCHESSRobert Hallock, Ph.D.
Savannah Yamat, Chloe Mounts, Seongju OhInvestigating Pathomechanisms of Vaping-Associated Lung InjuryPosterCES, HonorsFarai Gombedza, Ph.D.
Sharanya VadakapurImplementation of a Digital Twin in Supply Chain ManagementPosterCOTLash Mapa, Ph.D.
Shengyong Zhang, Ph.D.Simplified FEA Modelling for Bending Stiffness of Truck FramesPosterCES
Sofia Patino, Alphonse TeruelChronic Fatigue Syndrome PosterCONJulia L Rogers, Ph.D.
Steve NovoritaVIsion Based Robotics - A Cyber Physical SystemPosterCESLiZhe Tan, Ph.D.
Syed ImranCalibration of Flowmeter using CFD with STAR-CCM+PosterCESChenn Zhou, Ph.D.
Taylor CollinsCan Learning Partnerships Survive LGBTQ+ Bans? The Case of Northwest Indiana’s Lowell High SchoolPosterCHESSColette Morrow, Ph.D.
Teniya TaylorEpidemiology of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus in Northwest IndianaPosterCESHassan Naji, Ph.D.
Theodore MantisReproductive Success in the Burying Beetle Nicrophorus Orbicollis Under Different Temperature Regimes and Corresponding Composition of the gut Microbiome in Adult Beetle Parents and Their Larval OffspringPosterCESCurtis Creighton, Ph.D.
Thomas Stobbe, Adam DuesingDesign of Plasma Torch for Hot Blast Heating for the Ironmaking Blast FurnacePosterCESTyamo Okosun, Ph.D.
Tyler ZegaStatistical Analysis of Car Crash DataPosterCES,HonorsGokarna Aryal, Ph.D.
Umme Hani MouBeer Game Modeling: A Teaching Tool for Supply Chain ManagementPosterCOTLash Mapa, Ph.D.
Vicki LinJuvenile Granulosa Cell Tumor & Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: Similar Presentation; Different Disease Process PosterCONAngela M Schooley, Ph.D.
Vivian JoyOptimization of the Refining Stage for Electric Arc furnace PosterCESChenn Zhou, Ph.D.
William FeithenEfficacy of Parallel Processing via Beowulf Cluster for Use on High Demand Cosmological Simulations and Data ProcessingPosterCESDaniel Suson, Ph.D.
Xavier AllisonKaepernick: Athlete Activism. PosterCHESSRhon Teruelle , Ph.D.
Xiuling Wang, Ph.D.Numerical Investigation of Aerodynamic Performances for NREL 5-MW Offshore Wind TurbinePosterCES
Yu Ouyang, Ph.D., Lin Zhao, Ph.D., Wei He, Ph.D., Terrell SucrePandemic Rhetoric and the Stock MarketPosterCHESS, COB
Zackary Richards, Pete Cowling, Azrael JimenezFront Upright Design and TestingPosterCES, HonorsVictor Gomez, Ph.D.
Elizabeth SmithThe Diversity Discussion: Analyzing Required Reading and the Catastrophe of ComfortabilityOral CHESS, HonorsColette Morrow, Ph.D.
Heather Augustyn, M.A.Rude Girls: Women in 2 Tone and One Step Beyond Oral CHESS
Kayla Thompson, Zoe FischerA Tale of Two Cities: A Mixed Methods Multiple Case Study Comparison of Juvenile Delinquency and TraumaOral CHESSAmanda Zelechoski, Ph.D.
Mohammed Muqtadir MujtabaLarge Language Model as Unsupervised Health Information RetrieverOral COTKeyuan Jiang, Ph.D.
Thomas Brady, Ph.D.Forecasting Freight Logistics Needs & INDOT Plans for the NeedsOral COB
Bethany HouseThe Zapper Conundrum PosterCES, HonorsAaron Warren, Ph.D.
Cassidy ClayDual Sensory Disabilities: Mental HealthPosterCON, HonorsDeborah Lazzara, Ph.D.
Charlie SkubeNuclear FusionPosterCES, HonorsGlynn Bricker, Ph.D.
Chris WaymanBringing Dark Matter to the LightPosterCES, HonorsAaron Warren, Ph.D.
Donna Whitten, Ph.D. Faculty and Administrative Factors that Impact Student PerformancePosterCOB
Giana GavallerBusiness Communications RapPosterCOB, HonorsDan Wilbur, Ph.D.
Have DutroLead Soil Levels Connection to Lead Level in Blood Oo Non-Avian Species in Northwest Indiana PosterCESVanessa Quinn, Ph.D.
Heather DietrichLiterature Review for Studies of Bilingual Infants and ToddlersPosterHonorsDebra Pratt, Ph.D.
Heather DietrichReview of the Studies of Bilingual Infants and Toddlers: PosterHonorsDebra Pratt, Ph.D.
Iris EyermannTBDPosterHonorsAllison Vickers, Ph.D.
John PavolkaThe Impact of Fortune 500 companies on the U.S. EconomyPosterCOB, HonorsHeather Augustyn, M.A.
Kaitlyn Vasilko, Chris Wayman, Kayla Vasilko, Kinsey Krachinski, Christopher MorrisonZuri the Zebra and the Rainbow Race for KindnessPosterCES, CHESS, HonorsSarah White, Ph.D.
Kaitlyn Vasilko, Chris WaymanEl Niño RainsPosterCES, CHESS, HonorsKenneth Kincaid, Ph.D.
Karysa AlsupUrsidaePosterCES, Honors
Kayla VasilkoHigher Education Communication and the Construction, Reinforcement, and Modification of Social OrderPosterCHESSRhon Teruelle; Lee Artz; Kim Scipes , Ph.D.
Kayla VasilkoTransnational Entertainment Media and the Concept of Education: Challenging Corporate Cultural Imperialism with a Democratic Global Society PosterCHESSLee Artz, Ph.D.
Kayla VasilkoInterpret The World And Change It: Overcoming Barriers To Positive Social Change PosterCHESSLee Artz; Kim Scipes; Rhon Teruelle , Ph.D.
Kayla VasilkoLobbying in Higher Education: An Analysis of Competition, Critical Thinking, and Contradiction PosterCHESSRhon Teruelle , Ph.D.
Lillian EhlersPerceptions of Tele-mental Health During Quarantine of March 2020PosterCHESSGisele Casanova, Ph.D.
Lindsay Gielda, Ph.D., Curtis Creighton, Ph.D., Scott Bates, Ph.D.The Role of Transgenerational Immune Priming in Burying Beetle Parental Care StrategiesPosterCES
Luis CamposHydroponicsPosterCES
Meghanne BurnsUnderstanding the True Diversity of Indiana Morel Species: A Molecular StudyPosterCESScott Bates, Ph.D.
Reynaldo Barreto, Ph.D., Charles Steele, Ph.D.Development of photoreactors for the treatment of compounds of emerging concern (CEC) in water using uva light PosterCES
Shania Kresel, Meghanne BurnsPhotocatalytic Method for Treatment PFOA and PFOS in Water PosterCESReynaldo Barreto, Ph.D.
Wei He, Ph.D.Examining the Effects of Real Options in Business Ecosystems on Multinational Firms’ Foreign ExpansionPosterCOB
Annalise WarnockThe Prevalence of Lyme Disease in Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated DogsPosterCESVanessa Quinn, Ph.D.
Gowtham Pentela, Bruno Hnatusko, Steven SmithGunshot Detection Systems on CampusPosterCESWei Dai, Ph.D.
Beth RobinsonA Polyvagal Approach to Couples Therapy: Using Mindfulness and Somatic TherapiesPosterCHESS