Days of Discovery

Join us for a virtual celebration of the research, scholarship and creative activities of PNW faculty members and students!

This year’s Days of Discovery will be hosted virtually through a Google Website available to members of the PNW community (current Purdue faculty, students and staff). Presentations will be available between April 14 and May 15, 2020.

Professor Lindsey Gielda works with students in a lab.

Virtual Days of Discovery

Explore the scholarship of PNW students and faculty, from “Climate Change and Indiana Highway Design” to “Sexuality in Secondary Literature.”

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Visit the Virtual Site

If you receive a “You Need Permission” error message when viewing the Days of Discovery Google Site, you need to switch to your PNW Gmail account (which is the same as your email).

  1. If you receive this error message, click the ‘Switch Accounts’ button
  2. The Gmail login page should pop up
  3. Your PNW Gmail is your PNW username followed by (Example:
  4. Enter your PNW email address, then click the ‘Next’ button
  5. You should be prompted to go through your BoilerKey login.
  6. Using your PNW email and still experiencing issues? Please contact the Customer Service Center.

Our Mission

Through the Days of Discovery, we strive to:

  • Recognize and share the research, scholarship and creative activities of faculty members and students with the community
  • Increase awareness of PNW research, innovation and economic development impacts
  • Foster collaborations between students, faculty and the research and innovation community

Participating in this virtual event is a valuable opportunity for all faculty and students to present their research and other scholarly activities and allow the PNW campus community to view the presentations and contact presenters with specific questions.

Information for Presenters

Are you ready to present? Check out the details on how to prepare your virtual presentation and who to contact if you have questions.

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