Purdue Northwest Study-Away Programs

Explore new cultures, develop real-world skills and build unforgettable memories with PNW study-away programs! From spring break experiences to semester-long trips, our flexible offerings fit your needs as you work toward a PNW degree.

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Want to Study Away?

We are in the process of relaunching PNW study-away opportunities, and we want to hear from you! Fill out the form below, and we will reach out with possible programs as they’re available.

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You can also contact our team at studyaway@pnw.edu.

Study Away 101

Interested in studying away from PNW but not sure how to start? Our Study Away 101 video will give you the information you need!

Study-Away Opportunities

PNW will be hosting four study-away options during Maymester. See travel opportunities and faculty contact information below:

  • May 8 through May 19, Wofenbuttel, Germany. Faculty contact – Athula Kulatunga, nkulatunga@pnw.edu (This trip is full)
  • May 15 through June 6, Caceres and Madrid, Spain. Faculty contact – Herlinda Ramirez-Barradas, barradh@pnw.edu
  • May 16 through May 30, London England. Faculty contact – Mita Choudhury, choudhur@pnw.edu
  • May 22 through June 3*, Paris and Toulouse, France. Faculty contact – Ceren Turedi, cturedi@pnw.edu

* Updated

Purdue West Lafayette will be hosting three study-away options during the summer. See travel opportunities and faculty contact information below:

  • May 8 to June 16 (program only), May 8 to July 14 (program plus internship), Lima Internship and Study Abroad. Faculty contact – Song No, sno1@purdue.edu

Apply through the PWL Program Website

  • July 1 to July 29, Korean Culture Experience Program. Faculty contact – Yonsoo Kim, kim153@purdue.edu

Apply through the PWL Program Website

  • May 22 to June 19, Summer in Scandinavia. Faculty contact – Evan Perrault, perrault@purdue.edu

Apply through the PWL Program Website

  • May 16 to July 7, Summer Program in Sydney. Faculty contact – Chelsey Mullins, mullins4@purdue.edu

Apply through the PWL Program Website

Why Study Away?

  • Travel to new places and gain memories to last a lifetime
  • Build independence and teamwork skills across cultures
  • Develop experience to help you succeed in a competitive global environment.
Having the opportunity to study [abroad] and work in Spain… The experience provided me with a great opportunity to ‘try out’ living and working abroad before I fully committed to a career in international journalism.

Contact the Study-Away Team

As Purdue University Northwest develops updated study-away procedures, the following individuals below will provide remote education-abroad advising to PNW faculty and students, including working with faculty on program development and advising students regarding program offerings:

  • Whitney Strickler | Education Abroad Advisor | studyaway@pnw.edu | PNW Program Portfolio: London; PWL programs (Lima, Peru; Stockholm, Sweden; Korea)
  • Elizabeth Shuman | Education Abroad Advisor | studyaway@pnw.edu | PNW General Advising
  • Rachel Fitzgerald | Education Abroad Advisor | studyaway@pnw.edu | PNW Program Portfolio: Wolfenbuttel, Germany; Paris and Toulouse, France; Caceres and Madrid, Spain

If you are interested in an education abroad program for Maymester 2023 and Summer 2023 or have questions, please email studyaway@pnw.edu.

We are in the process of expanding study away opportunities beyond this Maymester 2023 and Summer 2023. If you are interested in general information about study away, join the Study Away 101 and Q&A (weekly on Monday and Wednesday at 7 p.m. CT via Zoom) to learn more.