ID Card

Show your pride! Find out how to get your official PNW student ID—and where you can use it!

What You’ll Need

For Current Students

Incoming students can receive their ID card at New Student Orientation, or it may be mailed if you are unable to come to campus.

For Replacement Student IDs Only

Students should include their first and last name as well as their PUID and PNW email.  The Office of New Student Orientation staff will contact the student when the ID is ready for pick up.

Replace Your ID Online Using This Payment Method

Where Can You Use It?

  • PNW’s libraries
  • Purdue Northwest’s Fitness Centers (free to students)
  • Aladdin campus dining—view and pay for meal plans.
  • Student Housing on the Hammond Campus
  • Student discounts with local businesses

How To Upload Your PNW ID Photo

Your orientation date is coming up soon! During orientation, you will receive your Purdue Northwest (PNW) photo identification card. In order to expedite this process, take the opportunity to submit a portrait photo for your identification card prior to coming to campus.

To submit your photo, send it as an attachment to

Please note: the deadline for submitting a photo is one week prior to your scheduled Orientation Day.

Correct and incorrect ways to upload photos.Your digital portrait photo should look professional in nature and be a standard front-facing head shot. The background should be solid and neutral in color without distraction. You may smile, but do not make a “funny face.” Your photo should not include sunglasses or any non-religious head accessories. Do not use any photo filters. Submit a file formatted as a .jpg or .png with a recommended file size of 1-2 MG. NOTE: improperly taken or formatted photos cannot be used.

Once you have selected your photo, save it on your web accessible-device where it can easily be retrieved for uploading.

To submit your photo, attach it to and email to

  • Create an new email to
  • Click “Attach File” or “Insert” in your email.
  • Select your picture from your device and double click on it. This will select the photo and attach it to the email.
  • Please include your first and last name, PUID number,
    PNW email address and the semester you are starting
    at PNW.

Once you have successfully submitted your photo, you will receive a confirmation email. We will create your PNW ID card and have it ready for you at your New Student Orientation.