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Sing, write, and stand up for those who don’t have a voice! Our student organizations vary from theatre to honors society, and from the school paper to the jazz band.

Student Resources

Explore Communication Scholarships

Visit PNW’s scholarship database to search for scholarships dedicated to students in Communications and Creative Arts.

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Purdue Northwest communication students in the classroom.

Dunn Communication and Creative Arts Student Project Funds

PNW Communications and Creative Arts students can apply for funding to support expenses related to student-centered projects and papers and/or community-based projects. Recipients will be selected in the fall and spring.



Academic advising is a collaborative process where you and your advisers are partners in ensuring your academic success.

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Practical Learning Opportunities


The Roundtable Perspective

The Roundtable Perspective is a collegiate television program produced by students and faculty of the Department of Communication and Creative Arts at PNW.

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The department offers a wide-range of practical learning opportunities, including internships, experiential learning, and practicums.

You are encouraged to expand your learning and career aspirations by working directly with professionals in organizations such as radio and television stations, advertising agencies, print media outlets, and public relations firms.

If you are interested in journalism & broadcasting, you can work for the Hammond Campus newspaper, The PioneerStudio 119, the HD television, radio, and audio recording studio, will also give you hands-on experience in producing a variety of programs.

Other opportunities include the Hyde Park Forum and Readers Theatre on the Westville Campus.

Student Organizations

The goals of Lambda Pi Eta include:

  1. Recognize, foster, and reward outstanding scholastic achievement in communication studies.
  2. Stimulate interest in the field of communication.
  3. Promote and encourage professional development among communication majors.
  4. Provide an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of communication.
  5. Establish and maintain closer relationships between faculty and students.
  6. Explore options for graduate education in communication studies.

Contact: Erin Protsman at

The Communication & Creative Arts Department’s Public Relations program emphasizes the importance of maintaining ethically-sound, mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their audiences.

The PNW Public Relations Club strives to build connections in local communities and create opportunities for students to network with alumni, offering unique public relations experiences outside the classroom that supplement students’ personal and professional goals.

The club is open to students of all majors and concentrations who are interested in learning about the field and becoming more involved on PNW’s Hammond Campus.


Advisor: Raven Chant

The Pioneer is the student-operated newspaper and website for Purdue University Northwest. The Pioneer is a member of the Indiana Collegiate Press Association and has won several awards in its annual competition in recent years.

Students who want to learn about news and accumulate published material for their professional portfolios are welcome to contribute. Examine the newspaper’s webpage at

For more information, email or contact Jim Martinez at

PNW Pep Band has been assembled for students to perform such diverse musical pieces as “Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back” and “Back in Black.” The band performs at the PNW Pride basketball games and hopes to expand its performance opportunities.

Members should be able to play an instrument and supply their own instrument. The group is open to students, faculty, staff and alumni.

To learn more about the PNW Pep Band, contact Director Jay Lowry at

The Union for Democratic Communications seeks to bring in speakers who educate and encourage awareness of issues in media, research, policy, grassroots communication activism and encourage awareness, advocacy, and activism surrounding issues at PNW and in our community.

It is an organization of communication researchers, journalists, media producers, policy analysts, academics, and activists dedicated to:

  • Critical study of the communications establishment.
  • Production and distribution of democratically controlled and produced media.
  • Fostering alternative, oppositional, independent, and experimental production.
  • Development of democratic communications systems locally, regionally, and internationally.

For more information, see the organization’s Facebook page at or contact Professor Lee Artz at

The goal of the club is providing the creative outlet for Purdue Northwest students to express themselves and engage in the community with music.

Contact: Autumn MacCartney at