Westville Campus Map

From Schwarz Hall to the Dworkin Student Services and Activities Complex, find key locations on PNW’s Westville branch campus with our official map.

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Purdue University Northwest Westville Campus Map

Area Map

The Purdue University Northwest Hammond Campus is bordered by Highway 421 on the west. Visitors can enter campus via North Drive on the north and South Drive on the south.

Campus Map

Academic Buildings

Many of the main academic classroom buildings are located along Purdue Drive, south of North Drive and north of South Drive. Traveling south from North Drive in the Northwest Corner of campus, along Purdue Drive, you will find:

  • Schwarz Hall
  • Technology Building

Directly east of Schwarz Hall is the Library Student Faculty Building, which contains campus dining and the PNW library.

James B. Dworkin Student Services and Activities Complex

Located south of the Technology Building on Purdue Drive, the James B. Dworkin Student Services and Activities Complex includes the Westville Campus Welcome Center as well as athletic facilities, event and meeting spaces and the university fitness center.

Facilities Buildings

On the northeast side of campus, along University Drive, you will find the Maintenance Grounds Facility building to the north and the Physical Facilities building to the south.


Most of the parking on campus is open, with some restricted lots near Schwarz Hall. Parking lots are available on the north side of campus, north of North Drive and to the north of Schwarz Hall and the Library Student Faculty Building.

Parking is available to the east of Purdue drive near Schwarz Hall, the Technology Building and the James B. Dworkin Student Services and Activities Complex.

Parking is located south of South drive, near the university basketball courts and south of the James B. Dworkin Student Services and Activities Complex, near the N.C. Veterinary Emergency building.

Westville Map

Map of Westville campus from two major roadways

Legend of Roads Parking and Plazaz


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Gabis Arboretum

Gabis Arboretum at Purdue Northwest is a 300-acre, oak preserve of formal gardens, woodlands, wetlands, prairies and hiking trails located near Valparaiso, Indiana

Parking Lot 2 in Westville


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