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Health Studies

Bachelor of Science in Health Studies

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Program Intro

Our program provides several paths toward non-clinical occupations within the healthcare sector. It also offers preparation for graduate studies in health services research, public health or health education. You can also pursue pre-professional tracks in pre-occupational therapy, pre-physical therapy and pre-chiropractic medicine.

Department of Biological Sciences

Healthcare is expected to be the largest growing sector for career opportunities in the coming decade throughout the region PNW serves.  Our curriculum is well suited to meet this demand because it offers a number of tracks of study in support of pre-professional areas of this field.

Curriculum Overview

This 120-credit-hour program includes health studies core curriculum (33 credits), general education core (30-31 credits), and health studies and other electives (56-57 credits). We’ll assist you in developing a degree program based on your healthcare career interests.

Begin to develop a foundational knowledge of key concepts in health studies while taking classes in general education.

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Sample Courses

  • CHM 11500 – General Chemistry
  • MA 15300 – College Algebra
  • ENGL 10400 – English Composition I


Identify an interest in a specific healthcare field and select a specific health studies track.

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Sample Courses

  • COM 11400 – Fundamentals Of Speech Communication
  • PHIL 11100 – Ethics
  • HST 35200 – Human Lifespan Development

Develop oral and written communication skills in upper-level courses.

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Sample Courses

  • STAT 31000 – Health Care Statistics
  • HST 20000 – Medical Terminology
  • HST 22100 – Introduction To Pharmacology

Take a health studies capstone course, complete graduation requirements and further prepare for your chosen career.

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Sample Courses

  • HST 30500 – Occupational Safety & Health


Our program includes upper-level course offerings in a broad range of health-related areas, a large selection of online courses and flexibility in your track and course selection. Courses are taught by faculty from several departments with the common focus of healthcare, who provide many ways to bridge your education your with community involvement.

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As a Health Studies major, you’ll gain a holistic understanding of health-related issues and enhance the communication skills you need to succeed in the field. We also offer a number of internships that provide real-world preparation for the job market.

Beyond the Classroom

You’re encouraged to pursue internships, volunteer in the healthcare community and join student clubs or organizations.


Career Paths

Career paths include:

  • Medical service manager
  • Community health workers
  • Health communication specialists
  • Application to pre-occupational therapy, pre-physical therapy and pre-chiropractic schools



Our graduates have successful careers in:

  • Public and private hospitals
  • Nursing and resident care facilities
  • Family service
  • Health agencies
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