Integrative Physiology and Health Sciences (IPHS) Center

The Integrative Physiology and Health Sciences (IPHS) Center at Purdue University Northwest leads research, teaching and outreach with a proactive and holistic approach to human health.

The IPHS Center is in the newly renovated space in GYTE 3 and 5. We are happy to be serving PNW and NWI, and have several active studies and free health screening through a project sponsored by the Indiana Department of Health!

Map to PNW IPHS Center

A waiting room, there are chairs against the walls and there is a check-in widow against the rear wall

IPHS Information

  • Expand research in human health at Purdue University Northwest
  • Increase extramural funding to PNW
  • Improve health-related initiatives and impact to PNW and Northwest Indiana
  • Provide human performance testing and dietary analysis services (future)

The IPHS Center includes the following research areas:

  • Physical activity/exercise
  • Autonomic regulation of blood pressure
  • Sleep physiology
  • Nutrition and metabolism
  • Epidemiology and public health
  • Sensory physiology
  • Health and exercise psychology
  • Service and outreach focused on the ACSM Exercise is Medicine® initiative, community health, and occupational safety.
  • Studying how acute and eight-week mindfulness interventions influence blood pressure regulation (sponsored through the National Institutes of Health)
  • Evaluation and Implementation of Lifestyle Changes and Life’s Simple 7 in Northwest Indiana (Sponsored by the Indiana Department of Health)
  • Determining the effect of downhill running on muscle soreness and arterial stiffness in men and women (sponsored by the PNW Research Office)
  • Building a lower-body negative pressure chamber used to simulate gravitational challenges or hemorrhage (sponsored by the Indiana Space Grant Consortium)
  • Examining the cardiometabolic effects of Hibiscus sabdariffa tea (sponsored by the PNW Research Office)
  • Please contact the IPHS Center Coordinator Grant Thivierge or any of the affiliated faculty on this page if you have any questions.
  • Hausmann motorized tilt table
  • Finapres NOVA system
  • SphygmoCor CPVH pulse wave velocity system
  • Two Omron HEM-907XL automated blood pressure cuffs
  • University of Iowa Nerve Traffic Analysis System
  • Grass Technology S48 Stimulator
  • Tuttnauer ValuKlave autoclave
  • Four SunTech Oscar 2 ambulatory blood pressure monitors
  • Four Philips Respironics Spectrum Pro actigraphy watches
  • Trackmaster TMX58 programmable treadmill
  • Baseline hydraulic hand dynamometer with pressure attachments
  • Baseline skinfold caliper
  • Two Dell research laptops
  • One Dell desktop computer with dual monitors
  • Dataq Instruments 16 channel hardware and software

A room with tables, there are two open doors and several mounted cabinets

Research Coordinator

Grant S. Thivierge, M.S.

Research Coordinator

(219) 989-2602

Hammond Campus, NILS 209

Affiliated Faculty


John J. Durocher, Ph.D., ACSM-EP, CSCS

Nils K. Nelson Associate Professor of Integrative Human Health

(219) 989-2625

Hammond Campus, NILS 340D
Westville Campus, DSAC 1093

Matthew Bauman

Matthew J. Bauman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management

(219) 989-8304

Hammond, HTMB 123

Hassan Naji is pictured.

Hassan Naji, Ph.D.



Hammond Campus, NILS 340M

Ezra Mutai is pictured.

Ezra Mutai, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Food and Nutrition

(219) 989-2615

Hammond, HTMB 131

Matthew A. Ladwig, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Integrative Human Health

Hammond Campus, NILS 340B